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Benefits Street Documentary Revealing Dark Side of Welfare

Benefits Street Documentary Revealing Dark Side of Welfare

BENEFITS STREET DOCUMENTARY REVEALING DARK SIDE OF WELFARE – Last night’s run of the Benefits Street documentary series attracted over 5 million viewers according to its makers Channel 4.

The documentary’s focus last night was on the unmarried, unemployed parents Mark Thomas and Rebecca Howe.

Mark and Becky, as they have become known, are both 23 years of age and neither have ever had a job; they live, like hundreds of thousands like them, off the backs of the hard working taxpayer and it is understandable why so many viewers are incensed at their refusal to find gainful employment.

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I was born in the mid 1960’s and grew up in an era where using foul language in any situation was not only frowned upon but was punishable with the leather strap across my backside; that and a liberal cleansing of my mouth with a bar of soap.

Only once was I subjected to such punishment for once was certainly enough. The moral to this issue is that I was severely punished, there were no connotations of being rehabilitated in the sense of the liberal ideology but certainly rehabilitation came through harsh, swift and decisive punishment; something that no parent is able to do in this liberally progressive day and age.

I’ve witnessed a great deal of change and none of it for the better. Yes the liberal left-wing with their progressive ideologies that attempted to bring communities together simply drove them apart and now most families barricade themselves in their homes due to the fear of crime.

When I was a child the front door stayed wide open, there were no security locks and our local community copper was also the local hero, a highly respected man whose ability to keep law and order was administered by a quick clip around the ear for any wayward youth.

When Labour came to power in the 1960’s it was seen as almost a revolution in workers’ rights and with the rise of the Unions taking more power under the Labour Government they effectively brought British industry to its knees.

Yes we’ve all heard the stories of how Margaret Thatcher destroyed the coal industry but rarely do the people consider that what Mrs. Thatcher did was simply to close pits that were no longer profitable but under Labour and with Union interference they managed to close far more pits than Mrs. Thatcher ever did.

By 1976 a vote of ‘no confidence’ was given in the House of Commons by just one vote; this was shortly after the residing Prime Minister James Callaghan effectively bankrupt Britain and was forced to go cap in hand to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a bailout.

Labour certainly changed the industrial landscape, for we went from a highly productive nation to a workforce ruled by Unions that simply pushed industry into bankruptcy; British Leyland was the classic example of such destruction.

The question now is can be turn things around?  With today’s current mindset it is most unlikely for we have witnessed the march of liberalism and with it an entitlement to be cared for by the Government from the cradle to the grave.

It is plainly obvious from the Benefit Street documentary that we need to change for these people, along with hundreds of thousands just like them, are the final nails in Britain’s coffin of bankruptcy.

With a current national debt standing close to £1.4 trillion it is no longer a case as to whether we should assist the poor but rather one that we won’t be able to once Britain ends up like Greece.

We’ve seen the Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith cap benefits to a maximum of £26,000 a year but this is still way above what people receive who work on minimum wage.

The solutions are really quite simple and that is to take a number of harsh measures including scrapping any form of child benefit; if you can’t afford to have children then don’t breed.

The second step is to cap welfare at 20% below minimum wage; this will then make earning minimum wage a far more attractive proposition.

Unemployment benefit along with jobseekers allowance should be restricted to just 90 days; after that those who are unemployed either work or get nothing.

Yes it all may sound a little harsh but the truth is if Britain goes bankrupt, and it will eventually under the weight of welfare, then these people will get nothing because there will be nothing to give.

We’ve already seen the riots and violence in Greece but these will pale in comparison to the bloodshed and carnage on the streets of Britain if it goes bust.

You might be thinking that its fine for me to call for such measure for I am sitting here in my comfortable office earning a sizable salary.

The truth is that I don’t earn anything and I’m working out of my bedroom. Effectively I am unemployed but I don’t sign on the dole and I don’t claim any form of benefits. I survive with the help of my partner and we both hope that one day will become a success.

We both feel that living on the backs of other’s is morally detached and socially irresponsible and therefore it is better to struggle than to scrounge off those who are also struggling

The hard working, austerity strapped taxpayer simply has enough on their plates and it’s about time benefits scroungers like those in the Benefits Street documentary changed their attitudes and realised just how much damage they are doing to society and those who work hard to keep it afloat.

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