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Benefits Street Star White Dee Rumoured to Having Been Offered a Rap Recording Contract

Benefits Street Star White Dee Rumoured to Having Been Offered a Rap Recording Contract

BENEFITS STREET STAR WHITE DEE RUMOURED TO HAVING BEEN OFFERED A RAP RECORDING CONTRACT – I’m not actually sure what I find more offensive about White Dee, real name Deirdre Kelly, the fact that she continuously tells us she’s too depressed to work, the fact that every known radio and TV programme is offering her air time or finally the fact why the taxpayer is continuously force to support her.

Depressed… yeah I am suitable depressed each time I hear White Dee bleating on about how depressed and hard done by she is.

Listening to her rendition of a rap song it is clear from the chuckles and laughter that she’s not that depressed… who would be when you can go from lay-about scrounger to being offered millions on the back of it.

It’s obvious that Deirdre Kelly doesn’t have a shred of respect for the taxpayer and even less for herself.

As a result of her recent appearance on the radio show, it is now rumoured that a record label is offering her a recording contract that could be worth millions if the public are stupid enough to buy it.

Whilst Deirdre Kelly might have dreams of stardom, the bewildered taxpayer simply dreams of her getting off her lazy backside and earning a living like the rest of us.

Within the rap song, a rendition of Eminem’s The Real Slim Shady, Deirdre Kelly attempts to tell us she not a benefits cheat and yet here she is once again effectively working and claiming benefits due to her being too depressed to work.

Despite her claim that she could make millions from her new found fame, Deirdre Kelly is determined to stay where she is and that that no amount of money would get her to move out of her terraced home in James Turner Street (dubbed Benefits Street by the Channel 4 documentary).

Yes, regardless of all those lucrative offers she maintains she’s too sick to work which effectively means yet another scrounging parasite will continue financially raping the taxpayer until we make a stand and demand the Government introduces even more welfare reforms.

In my view all benefits should be reduced to 20% below minimum wage; this would then give the scroungers a realistic perspective on how many hard working people live and also give them an incentive to work.

Deirdre Kelly might well continue to claim she’s too sick to work but last week alone she made two television appearance and wrote an article for the Spectator magazine.

Now wait for it, because it’s likely Deirdre Kelly is going to play yet another card, this time hopefully to claim yet more money from the benefits system for now she’s stating that all the media attention and lucrative offers have made her even more depressed; I’d hate to think what’s she would be like if she won the lottery… one can only assume near suicidal.

Can this situation really get any more offensive for the austerity strapped taxpayer? That I’m afraid it is almost a certainty with our current culture ‘entitlement’ and no doubt it’ll be a long time before we hear the last from White Dee.

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