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Benefits Street: Viewers Complain of Documentary Glamorising Crime

Benefits Street: Viewers Complain of Documentary Glamorising Crime

BENEFITS STREET: VIEWERS COMPLAIN OF DOCUMENTARY GLAMORISING CRIME – There’s little doubt that the Channel 4 fly-on-the-wall documentary Benefits Street has some viewer’s outraged.

According the Ofcom, the TV Watchdog, it has received no less than 1,700 complaints from viewers accusing Channel 4 of producing a documentary that effectively glamorises crime.

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This comes in the wake of a number of residents in James Turner Street being arrested on a plethora of drugs charges plus other charges in relation the Firearms Act.

According to the authorities Samora Roberts, known in the documentary as ‘Black Dee’ will face prosecution for a string of drugs and firearm charges along with five other residents.

So what of the 1,700 who complained?  Are they right that the documentary is glamorising crime or are they simply delusional or angry to the fact that the truth is being revealed?

If Channel 4 had approached the residents of James Turner Street and announced that they were to produce a documentary in order to uncover the crimes involving drugs and firearms plus revealed how they defraud the welfare system do you honestly think any would have openly participated?

For those who complained to OfCom I suspect they didn’t sit back and consider what was really the remit of the documentary for clearly it has uncovered vast amounts of evidence that now clearly shows just how damaging welfare is on society as a whole.

The truth is welfare doesn’t aid the poor with the remit of a better future but simply suppresses the desire and will to work and ultimately become productive members of society.

There is already clear and unequivocal evidence that shows crime and poverty are bed fellows and therefore it should come as no surprise that these people are engaging in all manner of criminal activities.

The real issue here is what will society do about the problem.  Will we continue to allow the liberal left-wing indoctrination to be shoved down our throats so that it is effectively impossible to punish these people or will the public make a stand and demand laws and attitudes are changed so that effective punishment can be implemented?

What the public ought to do is to fully support welfare reform and indeed demand far more of it. We need to take away a person’s ability to live a life on benefits and then spend their time engaging in crime.

Complain if you must, be outraged at the injustice but channel your anger in to a productive solution and that is to finally demand that welfare reform continues unabated and that law and order is reinstated in Britain, not with the liberal ideology of rehabilitation but rather with notion of punishment that once again makes a criminal fear the repercussions when breaking the law.

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