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Benefits Street: Where is the Justice in James Turner Street?

Benefits Street: Where is the Justice in James Turner Street?

BENEFITS STREET: WHERE IS THE JUSTICE IN JAMESTURNER STREET? – Drug abuse, criminal damage, arson, violence and anti-social behaviour; it’s all part of a normal day in James Turner Street where most of the residents are unemployed, living off the backs of the taxpayer.

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I doubt many people have missed the endless news articles in the papers, online and on television regarding the residents of James Turner Street.

The media attention is due to a documentary created by Channel 4 in which it claims 90% of those living in the 137 houses are being sustained by a life of criminality whilst fleecing the taxpayer.

Despite many of the residents claiming that the documentary portrayed them in a poor and unfair light, the police provided yet another revelation in that they are called to the street each and every month to deal with one crime or another.

Last month the police reported that after one raid they discovered bullets and drugs and you have to wonder how anyone could afford such items when living solely on benefit; the answer appears clearly apparent in that they are being provided with far too much money by the Government.

As a taxpayer I find myself in a constant state of frustration and anger due to the ever incessant reams of news about benefit scroungers and it’s evident that this little lot are more of the same and every day I now wonder why I bother going to work so as to pay tax that is used to support a regime that is unquestionably bankrupting Britain both morally and financially.

There are genuinely needy people in Britain and yet they appear to be ignored, pushed aside, whilst the greedy, lazy and criminals have unrestricted access to the Treasury.

I’m not a fan of the current Government.  I’ve read a number of articles here on where they have pointed out that a ‘coalition Government’ can never work effectively due to opposing political agendas; certainly anyone can see this to be factual.

Today the Daily Mail publishes yet more revelations as one of the ‘stars’ of the documentary, Mark Thomas, is led away by police after he bragged about fiddling his benefits.

Of course as a taxpayer I won’t get any justice for it’s almost a foregone conclusion that he’ll get a slap on the wrist and be set free to carry on stealing my hard earned money.

This Government continues to talk of welfare reform and yet Nick Clegg at every turn attempts to block anything that would ultimately prevent people like Mark Thomas from continuously stealing from the taxpayer.

It’s long overdue that all forms of benefit were phased out; forcing the lazy into work or simply let them starve; we all have a choice and we should let them make theirs.

Yes that does sound cruel and inhumane but this entitled lot, like all the others, use such to ensure they have the ability to fleece the taxpayer – look at them closely… how many of them care or worry about Britain or the taxpayer?

Many have said that if welfare wasn’t available then crime would increase significantly.  Yet again this is merely an excuse to do nothing and yet a simple change to the law could easily remedy that factor.

Currently we have, as so often stated here on, a culture of rehabilitation as opposed to punishment.  Bring back the death penalty and bring back public flogging – I wonder if Mark Thomas would find it so amusing to fleece the taxpayer if he was publicly flogged.

Take a look at today’s Daily Mail article for what you will witness is the growing culture in Britain and these people, like many like them, are turning the Britain I so dearly love into a cesspit of dependency, entitlement and crime.

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