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Benefits Street White Dee Set to Make a Fortune from Being a Freeloader

Benefits Street White Dee Set to Make a Fortune from Being a Freeloader

BENEFITS STREET WHITE DEE SET TO MAKE A FORTUNE FROM BEING A FREELOADER – Ask any honest multi-millionaire how to make money and apart from the obvious answer of sheer hard work with a goodly amount of tenacity thrown in and they’ll tell you it’s all about being in the right place, at the right time and seizing the opportunity.

Once again we have Benefits Street star White Dee (real name Deirdre Kelly) in the news and this time it’s all about her fame and how it is now giving her the opportunity to make millions.

Deidre Kelly - aka White Dee - Benefits Street

I am not adverse to people making money or in fact becoming wealthy providing it is achieved through hard work or even a bit of luck on the lottery.

What I do find offensive is the fact that Deirdre Kelly is now so inundated with offers from TV appearances to commercial advertising that she’s had to take on the services of an agent and all whilst she continues to claim benefits because she’s too sick to work.

According to Deirdre Kelly she claims £200 a week and has done so since losing her job seven years ago.  Deirdre Kelly further claims she is unable to work due to depression after losing her mother several years ago.


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The truth… well that’s an entirely different matter for she lost her job as a local council administration due to stealing £13,000 – personally I suspect she hasn’t applied for a job due to the embarrassment of having to declare why she lost her previous job.

Yes, no one likes a thief and what employer in their right mind would take the chance that she wouldn’t be dipping her sticky fingers in the till?

I spoke to my dear old mum yesterday for I needed to know whether she had in fact lead me up the garden path with her insistence that I should walk through life being decent, hard working and honest and furthermore that I should hold integrity to the highest order.

My question was that if I’d been like Deirdre Kelly I too might have been able to live an easy life on the back of the taxpayer, stolen from my employer with impunity, claimed a little depression and then appeared on a documentary that would have provided me with the potential to make money beyond my wildest dreams.

My mother’s response… son, scratch a liar and I’ll find you a thief and the only reason Deirdre Kelly has been able to live a life on the backs of others is because she is fundamentally devoid of any integrity.

People like Deirdre Kelly don’t care, they are unable to think of anyone but themselves, they are morally detached and all the wealth in the world won’t prevent people from looking down on them.

After again witnessing the on-going debacle of what is little more than a slap in the face for all hard working taxpayers, I am again left sitting here pondering the merits of my occupation.

If it cost me 5 pence to relieve myself in a public toilet I would have to elect to soil myself for there is no way I could justify the expense.

Now that might sound a little extreme but I am in fact one of the hundreds of thousands of working class people who live below the poverty line.

No, unfortunately the notion that every dot com proprietor is a closeted billionaire is a myth and as such I take great offense to the ilk of Deirdre Kelly; yes despite my personal circumstance I do not, like thousands of people like me, take any form of social benefits society insists I am ‘entitled’ to.

The very thought of ‘entitlement’ boils my blood for it effectively removes any notion that we should work and gives the impression that we should be taken care of by society through taxation from the cradle to the grave – this is the single most destructive factor our economy faces and unless we put such an ideology to rest then it’s likely Britain will go the same way as Greece; but that in itself isn’t reason enough for the likes of Deirdre Kelly to get off her bone idle backside.

Again I have no problem with people being wealthy providing that wealth was generated in a way that didn’t involve stealing from the public.

According to Deirdre Kelly, she now needs a break from all the fanfare her so-called fame has brought and is intending on going on holiday with her two children.

If you’ve watched any of the Channel 4 documentary ‘Benefits Street’ then you’ll be fully aware how each and every one of the liars, criminals and freeloaders plead poverty…. Including Deirdre Kelly which leads me to ask how in the dickens can she afford a holiday?

Damn, if it cost me 20 pence to travel around the world I couldn’t afford to get out of the front door and yet here is a woman with two kids living on benefits and declaring she needs a break… a break from what exactly because it’s obvious she doesn’t lift a finger other than to make the odd cup of tea, stuffing her face and the inextricable hardship of having to operate the remote control for her taxpayer funded widescreen TV.

I can’t be alone here in my frustration on seeing Deirdre Kelly being treated to numerous makeovers, appearing as some kind of martyr for the down-trodden sector of society and being offered lucrative commercial contracts all on the back of being a lying, thieving lay-about.

There are lots of things wrong with society and over the last hundred years we’ve been lead like a lamb to the slaughter by the left-wing liberals who insist upon creating a utopia that can never exist and in their pursuit they force us to keep quiet about the failings of society through the indoctrination of political correctness – yes, we’re not allowed to call them thieves, scroungers, lay-abouts, freeloaders or any of the other obvious connotations, for this is politically incorrect.

We are about to discover the truth about Deirdre Kelly for she clearly has a number of choices.

The first would be to decline any offers of stardom and financial reward so that she can keep up the presence of being too sick to work and therefore continue to financially rape the taxpayer.

On the other hand she could take up all the offers that come her way and declare herself miraculously cured of her depression and in the meantime laugh all the way to the bank at the taxpayer’s expense.

Judge a man not by the colour of his skin but rather by the content of his character… those are the immortal words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in his ‘I have a dream speech’.

It is a poignant reminder that colour bears no relevance to who we are but rather the important factor of what we do; that being the content of the character.

I am betting that over the next few weeks Deirdre Kelly’s true character will shine through which will effectively mean her ignoring public sentiment and taking what she can on yet another free ride that was ultimately provided for by the taxpayer.

I for one will refuse to tune in to any television program she does appear on and certainly boycott any company that uses her to promote their products or services – as a taxpayer I feel I’ve paid enough to the likes of Deirdre Kelly.

More on this debacle at … Daily Mail

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