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Benefits Street White Dee to Stand as MP

Benefits Street White Dee to Stand as MP

BENEFITS STREET WHITE DEE TO STAND AS MP – The headlines surround this news story reads ‘From Benefits Street to Downing Street’ and whilst that might seem more than a little erroneous it is in fact the case for now White Dee, her real name being Deidre Kelly, is about to stand as an Independent MP to tackle issues on the welfare state.

According to the Daily Mail Ladbrookes have already opened up betting on Deidre Kelly’s chances of being a Member of Parliament at 50/1.

In Deidre Kelly’s view the benefit system is all wrong and basically allows anyone to become idle and live off the backs of the hard working taxpayer whilst they are subjected to all manner of austerity measures.

Whilst those on benefits can find multiple ways to increase their income such is not afforded to those who work and such the welfare system needs changing so that it encourages people back to work.

There is no question that the Channel 4 fly on the wall documentary ‘Benefits Street’ has caused a fair amount of anger but it has also revealed a lot of the truth.

Welfare was never designed to provide people with a route to taxpayer dependency but as successive governments have pushed harder for a more politically correct system it has unquestionably denied our ability to take an issue such as welfare and adequately address the problems for any such notion would be deemed discriminatory.

The initial idea of the welfare system was in fact to help people in times of real need and provide a route back to prosperity through gainful employment or enterprise.  The welfare system was seen as a humanitarian social issue in which could help people avoid abject poverty.

The issues in modern times surround that of abuse and there isn’t a day that goes by without the media reporting some type of benefit abuse; we witness a vast amount of this during the weekly episodes of Benefits Street and what is truly disturbing is that this is but one single street out of thousands just like it dotted around the UK.

Deidre Kelly talks about addressing the system and making it fairer for the taxpayer.  She also wants to see changes so that those on benefits are not penalised for taking part-time or very low paid jobs.

People often ask me why I’m so passionate about welfare reform and the answer is really quite simple… I care deeply about the UK and its people and unless we see significant change the welfare system will, within the next decade, bankrupt the UK and once that occurs there will be no welfare, no jobs, people will lose their homes and the UK will erupt into street riots covering every area in the UK.

Is this the future we really want for the UK?  If you are new to then you might be thinking that this is easy for me to say for I own a dot com and therefore I’m earning a very comfortable living.

The reality is of course very different and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  Last month generated £17.26 in revenue.  This didn’t even pay for the servers.

At 50 years of age I’m basically unemployable; just too old for some and too unskilled for others but I refuse to take state handouts.

I survive with the help of my wife and whilst she’s not earning a great deal it’s enough to get us by.

Trust me the ability to claim benefits is not going to help me or any other person to claw out of poverty; in fact there is sufficient evidence to suggest that welfare simply makes people more inept, despondent and lazy because they get to a point where they know the next cheque will come and therefore simply can’t be bother to do anything other than wait for it to arrive.

I’ve gotten to the point where I feel more pride in at least trying to make a better life for myself and this is what all people living on benefits should aspire too but until those benefit cheques are suitably reduced or better yet withdrawn then the system will continue to decline until it bankrupts the country.

Support – currently I’m running a gofundme campaign so I can keep and my job alive.  If you’re interested in helping please visit –

We talk of humanitarian aid and that’s exactly what welfare is although there is nothing humanitarian about subjecting a person to a life of state dependency.

We’ve already seen a number of welfare reforms over the past 18 months and these are working as the Government reports a drop in those claiming benefits by nearly a million people.

Regardless of this fact we need to do more for last year alone the interest on Government borrowing to cover the cost of welfare was a staggering £48.20 billion; that’s right that was just the interest payments and considering the UK is now £1.4 trillion in debt it’s time to take drastic measures to cut public spending even more.

One of the main arguments families living on welfare make is that they can’t live on minimum wage; that of course is offensive to the hundreds of thousands of people who do.

One way to balance the system would be to cap welfare to 20% below minimum wage as this would then make earning minimum wage a far more attractive proposition.

Currently welfare is capped at £26,000 per year which is a damned sight more than most hard working families bring home after tax… such an amount is odious in the eyes of the taxpayer and I dare anyone to admonish them for their disdain.

We talk about the love of our county and how ‘great’ Britain is… I don’t really see the love for people are prepared to bankrupt it just because they are too lazy to work and as for being ‘great’… well maybe 100 years ago when Britain was an industrious, innovative and a prosperous nation.

Despite all the doom and gloom surrounding welfare it isn’t too late but we are getting closer to the edge of bankruptcy and I wonder how close we need to go in order to look into the abyss and realise what fate truly awaits a bankrupt Britain.

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