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Benefits Street White Dee Too Ill to Work?

Benefits Street White Dee Too Ill to Work?

BENEFITS STREET WHITE DEE TOO ILL TO WORK? – Over the last few weeks White Dee, real name Deirdre Kelly, has done a lot of complaining and accused Channel 4 of producing a fly-on-the-wall documentary that simply depicts all living in James Turner Street (dubbed Benefits Street) as benefits scroungers, benefits cheats, layabouts, thieves, drug users, drug suppliers engaging in all manner of crime.

Since Deirdre Kelly first admonished Channel 4 she has repeatedly appeared on numerous TV debates, chat shows and of course been interviewed by many newspapers and magazines.

On top of all this activity she intends to run as an independent MP for her local community of which Ladbrookes have listed her chances at 50/1.

Deirdre Kelly, without a shred of doubt, has certainly had a very busy schedule of late and if you believe any of our current politicians they will often tell you how hard they are required to work for their constituents, so becoming an MP, we led to believe is hard work.

When you consider this carefully you’ll quickly realise that something is not quite right for Deidre Kelly, despite all the makeovers for her TV and magazine appearances is claiming £200 a week in benefits because she claims she is too sick to work.

It’s not surprising that a Tory MP has questioned how Benefits Street star Deidre Kelly is able to make all these appearances considering that she claims she is too ill to work due to depression.

Bone idle… if there was such a medical condition then Deidre Kelly, along with all the other low-life scumbags living in James Turner Street, would be diagnosed as ‘terminal’ for there is not a single bone in her body that has any ‘work ethic’.

According to Ms. Kelly her depression stems from the death of her mother and has since been unable to cope and therefore work… from her recent TV appearances it appears she’s made a remarkable recovery and it is rumoured that Celebrity Big Brother has approached her to feature on the show with a fee of £60,000.

How can I put this… in the words of Mrs. Brown from the hit TV comedy show ‘Mrs. Brown’s Boys’…. Feck me!

I’ve often been asked why I started  The reason surrounds my unemployment status; although technically working on every day negates unemployment, so there you have it and frankly that’s the way I like it; I would rather work and we are all capable of it if we so choose.

You often read articles that I’ve written where I openly admonish the welfare system; in my view to save Britain from bankruptcy and relieve the taxpayer, nearly all welfare should be abolished and none more so than handing over taxpayer’s cash to the likes of Deirdre Kelly.

We all have a clear choice in life and it would have been highly hypocritical of me to admonish those who scrounge off the state if I were to do the same… that is the reason I started; well that and the fact that my wife wasn’t about to let me do nothing at the taxpayer’s expense – we both have the same attitude and whilst we certainly live on the poverty line according to statistics, it’s a damn sight better than forcing others who work to hand over their cash.

For me the idea of welfare is morally reprehensible for there is clear evidence to suggest that welfare doesn’t lift people out of poverty but rather simply confines them to it.

If you are a regular reader then you’ll know I’m not overly fond of politicians; I’ve yet to find one who has the necessary moral integrity to amicably hold office and yet in this case I will agree with Tory MP Philip Davis who has declared that Deirdre Kelly is simply one of life’s scroungers and will do anything to avoid physical work.

As Mr. Davis put it… “The only person who should be depressed is the hard working taxpayer who is forced to pick up the bill.”

That I’m afraid is one statement from a politician that you can take to the bank and one which clearly shows just how depressing the state of welfare has become in Britain, for it openly allows layabouts, scroungers, thieves, drug dealers and all manner of criminals to live a life that others are expected, or rather forced, to pay for.

Despite my feelings towards the unholy alliance we call a coalition government it has to be acknowledged that the Tories have made some headway in reducing welfare dependency; at the last count Mr. Davis states that some 800,000 people on Jobseeker’s Allowance have had their benefits suspended because they have not done enough to find work.

Going back to Deirdre Kelly… is she really too depressed to work?  The fact is that she hasn’t worked for the past 7 years.  She was in fact sacked from her last job as a council administrator after being caught stealing £13,000 of the taxpayer’s money – on that revelation it could be said that she would fit right in as a politician.


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For me this simply enforced my belief that the welfare system is not only flawed but also highly offensive to the majority of the taxpayer’s for here is a woman that stole taxpayer’s money, narrowly avoided prison, went straight on to claim benefits and has never stopped.

There are times I wonder if I’m delusional in my integrity to be honest and work and none more so when I’m faced with people like Deidre Kelly.

Maybe I’ve got it all wrong; maybe I shouldn’t bother writing articles in order to scrap a meagre living… maybe I too should pack it all in claim that I’m depressed because my pet rabbit died or some other ridiculous story that no one could prove otherwise and set about claiming every benefit known to mankind.

No… it’s not something I could do, it’s just not in my genetic makeup, it wasn’t how I was brought up and even if I suggested such a thing my wife would disown and leave me.

I earn considerably less a month than Deirdre Kelly gets in a week but it’s not simply about money – for me you have to draw a line and quite frankly the hardworking taxpayer is suffering enough without me adding to the problem.

It is clear, in my mind at least, that welfare needs greater reforms for it is crystal clear that there is bugger all wrong with Deirdre Kelly other than having a body full of idle bones and a soul that lacks any moral integrity or compassion for those who work for next to nothing and are then forced by legislation to hand over cash to her ilk.

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