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Petition: Ban Halal Slaughter of Animals in Britain

Support our petition to ban Halal slaughter in Britain. The practice of slaughtering animals for religious purposes is both draconian and barbaric and it is only ‘religious sensitivity’ from our politicians that has prevent Halal meat from being banned.

Petition to Call on David Cameron to Sack Culture Secretary Maria Miller

Sack Culture Secretary Maria Miller – This petition is to call upon the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to dismissed Maria Miller over her mortgage expenses scandal.

EU Moves to End Net Neutrality

The EU is now making moves, through a new directive, that would effectively quash net neutrality. Net neutrality covers three core principles which allows the internet to remain free and open. Destroying net neutrality will deny you your democratic rights to access free and open information. Don’t let this happen.

Petition: Ban Islam in Britain

Petition to ban Islam in Britain. It’s time for peace and the only way to achieve peace is to remove ideologies that promote murder. Here we call for support on banning Islam in Britain.

Petition: Should the BBC Lose its Royal Charter?

Should the BBC lose it’s Royal Charter so that it can no longer force TV viewers into paying a licence fee? If you feel this is the case then sign our petition.

American Deported for Having Cancer

American Deported for Having Cancer… yes the headline is correct and in our view questions the UK’s humanity; or least the humanity of those in Government.

Blair Secretly Giving Advice to Cameron

BLAIR SECRETLY GIVING ADVICE TO CAMERON – The depth of stupidity, ineptness and the lack of any moral fiber from government officials is simply staggering; but one where I have become accustomed to.

I was taught that the only thing that you can give and keep at the same time is your life is your ‘word’.  That is something that David Cameron and indeed any other politician is simply incapable of doing – in fact David Cameron and the rest of the invertebrates that run the cabinet couldn’t muster up enough moral fibre between them to make a paper napkin.

It is now being reported that Tony Blair has been meeting with David Cameron on a regular basis in order to give advice to the Prime Minister.

It is now being reported that Tony Blair has been meeting with David Cameron on a regular basis in order to give advice to the Prime Minister.

What beggars belief here is that it insinuates that David and the rest of the cabinet are taking and acting upon this advice, which leads to the question; “Who is running the UK Mr. Cameron, you and your old boys’ network or Tony Blair?”

Tony Blair, if anyone in government had any sense of morality, would have been arrested for Genocide and Treason and now languishing in the deepest, darkest hole available in the UK prison system.

It is widely accepted that Blair has ruined the UK and on top of that engaged in an illegal war with Iraq that has seen the murder of thousands of Iraq’s and British armed forces personnel.

If Tony Blair has to stick his snout in the trough, then maybe the government should send him, and his family, packing to Iraq and let him deal with the mess he created.

Here’s my advice for David Cameron, yes I will Twitter David once this article gets published later today.

David, you really ought not be seen or take advice from the likes of Tony Blair.  Once you get your marching orders from the public in the next election, and you already know that bribing them with a EU Referendum is not going to work – let’s be honest if you were that serious about the EU you would give the public a referendum now; before the onslaught of the ‘Right of Free Movement’ comes into effect.

Getting yourself involved with Tony Blair is going to tarnish your reputation further and if you are talked into it, you too could be held accountable for genocide and treason – although like Blair you won’t ever see the inside of the Hague due to your connections.

Finally, if you have to take advice from Blair then it is apparently obvious you, and your cabinet, do not have the slightest idea of what you are doing.  If you, or your cabinet, had any moral fortitude you would resign your post with immediate effect and call a general election.

I, like most other British citizens, hope and pray that one day we can once again hold our heads high and call Britain ‘Great’ but under your term this is never going to happen.  Do the UK a favour, step down and call a General Election as you obviously are not capable of running the our country.

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