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Blair’s Ministers to Face Iraq Torture Crime Probe

Blair’s Ministers to Face Iraq Torture Crime Probe

BLAIR’S MINISTERS TO FACE IRAQ TORTURE CRIME PROBE Two of Tony Blair’s senior ex-ministers, former Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon and former Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram, have been named in an application by the Office of the Prosecution of the International Criminal Court (ICC) which is investigating claims of abuse, torture and murder of Iraqi’s from 2003 to 2008.

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Lawyers have currently presented a 250 page dossier to the ICC that includes at least 1,200 allegations of war crimes against Iraqi’s all of which have been based on statements given by witnesses, the International Committee of the Red Cross and other humanitarian organisations.

Blair Goverment Facing Possible War Crimes in Iraq

Image – Left: former Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon | Right: former Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) are denying such allegations and told reporters that such an investigation was unnecessary as they have their own investigative arm looking into any form or allegations of war crimes.

Despite the MoD’s stance, the lawyer’s applying to the ICC have stated that each time they have investigated a claim it leads right to the top of Government and in these cases Mr. Hoon and Mr. Ingram.

War of course is an atrocity in itself and when such occurs there will always be a substantial loss of life.  However, when such a war is perceived as being illegal, as many members of the public suspect it is, then the issue is one of mass murder.

The application to the ICC will once again merely cement the public’s belief that the incursion into Iraq was not only illegal but the Government is culpable to some of the most heinous crimes.

As some within Government continue to suppress the Chilcot Inquiry, the level of suspicion over the war only raises the bar higher.

It is interesting that within the original report Tony Blair’s name wasn’t mentioned, for if Mr. Hoon and Mr. Ingram are proven to be guilty surely this, by association of control, that being Mr. Blair was the person to ultimately sanction any ministers’ decisions, must also face a criminal investigation.

If the ICC allows for the prosecution to proceed we wonder how long it will take before Mr. Hoon and Mr. Ingram starts fully co-operating with investigators that would ultimately see Mr. Blair finally facing charges for his part in the Iraqi War crimes.

Considering the current stage of the Chilcot Inquiry and the fact that most of the so-called ‘sensitive’ documents are going to be blacked out it’s likely that this particular move will be the only one that could possibly see Mr. Blair being tried; albeit for a different set of war crimes.

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