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Bombings in Baghdad Targeting Christians Kills 37 People

Bombings in Baghdad Targeting Christians Kills 37 People

BOMBINGS IN BAGHDAD TARGETING CHRISTIANS KILLS 37 PEOPLE – For most people Christmas Day is a day to spread good will to all people and yet Iraqi militants took to murdering at least 37 people in two separate bomb attacks in Baghdad.

The second, a car bomb, exploded near a church during Christmas Mass in the capital’s southern Dora neighborhood and resulted in at least 26 people being killed with a further 38 being seriously wounded.

Some time earlier a bomb was detonated at an outdoor market near the Christian section of Athorien.  Officials declared 11 people had been killed with a further 21 being wounded.

Al Qaeda Bombs Kill 38 in Iraq

Iraq has a declining Christian community, due to them often being targets for Al Qaeda; according to the latest figures there are approximately 600,000 Christians residing in the area.

Al Qaeda, an Islamic extremist terrorist group, often targets Christians which they see as legitimate targets due to their status as non-believers in the Prophet Mohammed.

Christians are not the only targets of Islamic extremists and Al Qaeda forces continue to target civilians in cafes or public areas; their targets often appear directed towards Shiites, Christians and members of the Iraqi security forces; the latter are targeted in an attempt to undermine and destabilise the Shiite led government and further cause sectarian tensions.

Iraqi officials reporting these latest atrocities spoke to reporters on the condition of anonymity as they are not permitted to talk to the media regarding acts of terrorism.

The Christmas Day bomb attacks came during a massive military operation in Iraq’s western desert as authorities attempt to hunt down insurgents who have increased their attacks across Iraq in the last few months.  Some officials stated that not since 2008 has the violence and terror been so prevalent in Iraq.

As Christmas Day came to a close, the death toll of civilians this month rose to 426 and according to U.N estimates over 8,000 civilians have now been killed in the on-going conflict since the beginning of 2013.

The ‘war on terror’ continues but it has been clearly evident for many years that what is now seen as an illegal incursion on sovereign territory, perpetrated by the deceit of George W. Bush and Tony Blair, will continue to rage and the loss of innocent life continue to climb unabated.

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