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Border Officials Sacked Over Links to Terrorist Groups

Border Officials Sacked Over Links to Terrorist Groups

BORDER OFFICIALS SACKED OVER LINKS TO TERRORIST GROUPS – Two border officials, Kashif Tariq and Bilal Gulamhussein, have been sacked over their alleged ties to Islamic terrorists.

The Home Office suspended Kashif Tariq due to his cousin’s involvement in a transatlantic bomb plot whilst Bilal Gulamhussein was removed due to him being a ‘close associate’ of alleged insurgents fighting British troops in Iraq.

Both Kashif Tariq and Bilal Gulamhussein are now in the process of suing the Government at the European Court of Human Rights.

The men claim that Government lawyers have used controversial ‘secret courts’ rules in order to prevent them examining key evidence the Government claims to have against them.

Yesterday Tory MP Dominic Raab, a former Foreign Office lawyer told reporters that both men had already been provided with a number of appeals under the British justice system and failed at each stage.  Mr. Raab went on to say that this is nothing short of a perverse waste of taxpayer’s money for such cases to join the Strasbourg merry-go-round.

Kashif Tariq was charged in his position to remove illegal immigrants; however he was suspended from his post in 2006 when his brother and cousin were arrested during a major counter-terrorism investigation which involved planned attacks on a number of transatlantic flights.

During the investigation Kashif Tariq’s brother was not charged however his cousin Tanvir Hussain was tried and convicted of the terrorists plots and sentenced to 32 years imprisonment in 2009; however to date there is no evidence or suggestion that Kashif Tariq was involved in the plot or indeed the terrorist cell.

Tanvir Hussain - Jailed for 32 years for Terrorism Plot

Image above: Tanvir Hussain – Jailed for 32 years for Terrorism Plot

Kashif Tariq continues to challenge the decision to remove him from his post due to the possibility terrorist cells could attempt to use him to help with their cause.

According to Kashif Tariq he has been continuously denied access by the Home Office to see the evidence against him; the Home Office has refused to grant access to the information on the grounds of national security.

During the employment tribunal, held in private, Kashif Tariq was removed from the hearing during the time when the ‘evidence’ was presented and discussed.

In July 2011 Kashif Tariq challenged the ruling of his suspension but the UK’s most senior judge ruled that the ‘secret sessions’ were lawful and in compliance with the National Security Act.

Currently the Strasbourg Court is considering the case of Kashif Tariq and Bilal Gulamhussein in order to determine if their human rights have been breached.

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