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Boy 10 Participates in NekNomination

Boy 10 Participates in NekNomination

BOY 10 PARTICIPATES IN NEKNOMINATION – Yesterday published an article on how local authorities across the UK are liaising with schools in order to inform pupils to the dangers to the internet craze of NekNomination or NekNominate as some refer to it.

Schools have take action by putting up posters and information on notice boards; they have even held assemblies so as to warn children to the dangers of NekNomination.

Today we can reveal that a boy of just 10 years of age has entered the NekNomination craze by downing a vile mixture of Nando’s sauce, cream, mayonnaise and vodka.

The boy from Calderdale, West Yorkshire, was said to have been filmed by friends necking the disgusting and highly dangerous cocktail after being dared to take part.

Once again UK authorities are pleading with YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to curb the NekNomination craze either by removing the content or publishing prominent warnings as to the dangers NekNomination poses to anyone who is foolish enough to take part.

Count the cost people… These are the lives that have already been lost due to NekNomination: Bradley Eames, 20, Stephen Brooks, 27, and Isaac Richardson, 20.

The question now is how many more lives will it take before YouTube, Twitter and Facebook take appropriate action?

Yes they do have the power to block such content and will only do so once they are willing to put lives before profits.

Last Wednesday the industry-funded charity Drinkaware called on all parents to remain vigil on what activities their children are engaging in through their social networks.

There is no doubt in our minds that if NekNomination continues to thrive on the social networks then it won’t be long before we yet again publish an article on yet another senseless waste of life… one of our biggest fears is that it will be a child.


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Help us to stamp this out… share this article and together we can bring greater awareness to the dangers and stupidity of NekNomination and hopefully save a life.

If you are thinking about participating in NekNomination just stop for a moment and ask yourself if it’s worth risking your life and plunging your family into untold misery just to fuel the sick minds of those who will undoubtedly get a kick out of your death and the pain it causes to your friends and family.

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