Brexit In or Out?

The Brexit In or Out referendum will occur on June 23, 2016 and the momentum for the campaigns for us to remain and get out are now in full swing.

The questions are numerous but the ‘IN’ campaigners appear to have but one key issue with the ‘OUT’ vote for they believe an exit from the EU would undoubtedly damage free trade.  The ‘OUT’ argument is that it will have no effect as EU member states will still want to trade with Britain and indeed in the early days of the EU agreement the idea was predominantly about trade.

The ‘OUT’ campaigners feel that staying in the EU would only increase the EU’s movement to systematically overrun the UK with EU legislation that would effectively strip away our sovereignty and ultimately merge all EU member states in to a single EU superstate where a county’s identity is stripped away leaving the EU to demand more and more taxpayers money in order to prop up what is now considered a failed regime.

It has been argued on a number of occasions that the EU parliament is nothing more that a instituation where the UK’s and Europeans countries failed politicians are provided with over-paid jobs and expense accounts with no accountability to the taxpaying public.

Watch the video below and decide for yourselves … for now we still have the scant remnants of a democracy in the UK but it’s likely that an ‘IN’ vote will eventually see all forms of democracy being eroded.

LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW … You are free to provide your own opinions below. Debate the issue and give your reasons why you feel we should remain ‘IN’ or get ‘OUT’ of the European Union.

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