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Britain Facing 47 Lawsuits from Brussels After Breaching EU Rules

Britain Facing 47 Lawsuits from Brussels After Breaching EU Rules

BRITAIN FACING 47 LAWSUITS FROM BRUSSELS AFTER BREACHING EU RULES – It’s almost impossible to keep up with the vast amount of legislation that Brussels continues to impose on Britain and indeed all other EU member nations.

It may come as little surprise that the British taxpayer may soon be called upon to settle the legal bills and fines for no less than 47 alleged offences.

The mountains of European Commission Directives are simply bogging down the ability to trade in the most damaging way; in September the UK was ordered to court for importing garlic from China in which the EU claimed import duties had been breached.

There are literally dozens of cases pending; ranging from tractors that don’t meet EU emission specifications to children’s toys that breach one rule or another.

This latest revelation will once again fuel the fierce debate as to whether Britain should play a role in the EU or simply pull out and save billions of pounds of taxpayer’s money each year.

David Cameron will once again be subjected to pressure from within his own party from the europsceptic and will inevitably witness more ground being taken in the polls by UKIP; as they currently remain the only political party who has vowed to end the EU / UK relationship for the good of the people.

A number of eurosceptics are questioning the EU’s motives for taking legal action over what is often seen as petty or insignificant breaches; some feel that the EU simply needs to rake in as much money in fines as possible in order to keep it from going bankrupt – a reality that has been on the cards for a number of years due to incompetence and uncontrollable spending.

One legal expert who advises the Government told reporters at the Daily Telegraph that cases such as these can be dragged out in the courts for years before finally being resolved.  Ultimately this involves dozens of lawyers which will cost the austerity strapped taxpayer and inevitably add to their financial woes.

“What have we sunk to when we cannot even make a minor decision about how we live our lives, without being subject to a European bureaucrat or judge?

You only have to look at the list of proceedings to understand that the EU now regulates and controls every single, little aspect of our lives.” UKIP leader Nigel Farage

There is growing public perception that UKIP might be the only political party that is able to see the true face and intentions of the EU and as a result willing to pull out of the EU.

Many agree with Mr. Farage in that the EU has far too much control and ultimately is able to continuously force the British taxpayer to prop up the EU and its commissioners for what is nothing more than a despot regime that will see all its members finally facing financial ruin as we have seen with Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain – the biggest concern for Mr. Farage and UKIP is … will Britain be next?

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