Britain First: Patriots or Racists?

by Editor | May 12, 2014 3:23 am

BRITAIN FIRST: PATRIOTS OR RACISTS? – Yesterday The Independent published an article on where a number of members of the Britain First political organisation took to the streets of Bradford and targeted mosques.

From the outset this might appear an insidious plan from what is widely viewed as a far-right organisation however whilst members of Britain First did approach a number of Muslims the remit was to attempt to hand out Bibles.

During their campaign in Bradford it was stated that they also visited the office of Labour councillor Nazam Azam. According to Mr. Azam members of Britain First came to terrorise local Muslims and make them fear for their safety; he went on to accuse Britain First members of attempting to enter mosques.

Is Mr. Azam suggesting that Britain’s mosques are a ‘closed door’ affair and that any non-Muslim is forbidden to enter?  I certainly cannot remember the last time members of a Christian Church ever attempted to bar anyone entry to any of the churches located around the United Kingdom.

According to Mr. Azam the actions of Britain First were disturbing and gives rise for great concern for their actions are merely an attempt break the community cohesion; however, he went on to say that the people of Bradford wouldn’t fall for such action.

So where is this so-called community cohesion Mr. Azam?  Does this community cohesion extend to barring citizens who are non-Muslim from a mosque?

Mr. Azam’s statement appears to exclude certain members of society from activities in mosques and as such the very notion of ‘community cohesion’ is not only misguided it’s nothing short of a farce.

Should the actions of Britain First be viewed as a hostile act of aggression against the Muslim communities or should it merely be viewed as their democratic right to walk the streets, enter public buildings and peacefully protest?

We continuously witness the likes of Anjem Choudary standing on street corners calling for the death of the infidels and an Islamic uprising to cleanse the world of the decadent westerners.

That is a bit rich coming from an individual who lives of the backs of those he hates so much and one that in his youth engaged in smoking pot, had a overly active taste for cider and could get enough of pornography.

Unfortunately, for the sake of community cohesion and religious sensitivity there is never any action taken against Anjem Choudary; however, the same tolerance by the authorities is not always given to those opposing the likes of Anjem Choudary and his views that Britain should become an Islamic state at all costs; even if that involves murdering innocent people.

There can be little doubt that there is growing public distrust of the Muslim community and there are those who remain convinced that everything a Muslim states to the British public (non-Muslims) is merely lies and rhetoric.

This comes due to a number of passages in the Koran that actually promotes lying in order gain the trust of non-Muslims and thereby helping to advance the Islamic cause.

In accordance with the teachings of the Koran there are two forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted, these being Taqiyya and Kitman; both are designed to quell any opposition against the Islamic movement that enables it to continue its infiltration.  For more information on this subject – click here

We often hear of Muslims calling for respect, that is that non-Muslims respect their faith and culture and yet respect can never be born from a lie for respect demands trust and when the faith you practice openly commands you to lie then what we see regarding the social ability of being cohesive, trusting and respectful, can never truly come to fruition; it is akin to attempting to build a skyscraper on ground that is wholly unstable.

Is Britain First a far-right racist organisation or simply a growing membership of concerned citizens who have acknowledged that they are being lied to and these lies are not only being perpetrated by Muslims but also Government and the mainstream media?

We often hear the term ‘racism’; in fact it appears to be a favourite word often used by the progressive left-wing liberals in an attempt to silence those who oppose the rise of Islamic values in Britain.

I have witnessed a number of demonstrations where Muslims extremists and so-called far-right groups have clashed.  In my observations I have heard the likes of the EDL call upon Muslims to leave Britain if they find our culture and way of life so offensive, however what I have never heard, from any member of the so-called far-right, is a call to wipe out the Muslims, nor have I ever heard a group of far-right demonstrators conspiring to strap on a bomb vest with the intent of murdering innocent people.

Racism, in its literal meaning, is that of supremacy and considering all I have heard and witnessed I can tell you that never has there ever been a more racist ethnic group residing in Britain other than the Muslim community.

The very teachings from the Koran talks of Muslims as the superior race; it goes on to teach that anyone who does not bow down to the Prophet Mohammed or Allah is not to be considered even human.

Yes the finger of racism continues to get pointed but is it misdirected?

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