Britain One Step Close to EU Exit After EU Backs Juncker

by Editor | June 28, 2014 3:04 am

THE GUARDIAN – David Cameron took Britain closer to the exit door of the European Union last night following a tumultuous EU summit at which his fellow leaders inflicted a crushing defeat on the prime minister by nominating Jean-Claude Juncker for one of the most powerful jobs in Brussels.

In what marked a rift in the UK’s long and troubled relationship with the continent, Cameron was left isolated as 26 of 28 countries endorsed Juncker as head of the European commission for the next five years. “This is a bad day for Europe,” said the prime minister as he voiced bitterness over the nomination of Juncker. “Of course I’m disappointed.” He described the nominee disparagingly as “the career insider of Brussels” and criticised other EU national leaders who he said had “taken different views along the way”.

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