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Britain to Introduce New Law to Prevent Eastern European Vagrants Plaguing London

Britain to Introduce New Law to Prevent Eastern European Vagrants Plaguing London

BRITAIN TO INTRODUCE NEW LAW TO PREVENT EASTERN EUROPEAN VAGRANTS PLAGUING LONDON – In an effort to stem the tide on the number of Eastern European plaguing certain areas of London by sleeping rough, the Government is to introduce in April 2014 a new law; the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO).

With increased concern that the UK is about to hand unrestricted access to Britain by Romanians and Bulgarians looking for work it has already become apparent from existing numbers that many are sleeping rough and engaging in crime in some of Britain’s landmark areas in London.

No Go Areas for Eastern Europeans in London

Essentially the PSPO will prevent gangs of homeless Eastern Europeans from squatting around many areas in London and essentially its major transport hubs where crime from gangs of pickpockets have risen in the last few months exponentially.

Westminster Council has announced plans to create ‘no-go areas’ around Marble Arch, Victoria Station and Park Lane after spending millions of taxpayer’s money in an 18 month fight to remove a growing number of Roma squatters; other London boroughs and councils in and around London are now considering using such powers to eradicate similar problems.

Tory MP Mark Field yesterday announced that the City of London and Westminster are predicting a large rise in the problems due to the Right of Free Movement on 1 January. Mr. Field was quoted as saying that he hoped it wouldn’t be the case but he also thinks it could be quite a big problem.

Meebal.com says…

The remark from Mr. Field yet again clearly shows just how little Government knows about the pending issues of mass immigration from Eastern Europeans – Mr. Field hopes it won’t be that bad but expects it to be quite a big problem; such a quote won’t leave the taxpayer with much hope in the effectiveness or competency of our Government.

Look carefully at the intended area above; yes it tackles vagrancy and indeed crime from key areas but ultimately it simply allows certain councils to dump their problems on other councils.

The solution of the PSPO is in fact no solution; it’s merely a game of musical chairs.  The question therefore is ‘what does this Government intend to do when every council across the country uses a PSPO to evict Eastern European vagrants?’

At that point they will simply have nowhere to go and will then likely become nomadic and engage in crime wherever they can for however long they can before the problem is simply moved along.

Once again the solution now appears clear as many people are now considering voting in UKIP in order to pull out of the EU so that we may then systematically deport all those who are clearly not here to work and add to the prosperity of Britain but rather drag it down into a cesspit of crime and depravity.

There can be no doubt that the liberal quarters will now attempt to convince us that we are being racist or bigoted for these are the only weapons they have to fight against what is sensible, just and economically viable for Britain and the British taxpayer.

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