Britain’s Future in EU Bleak if Juncker Appointed European Commission President

by Editor | June 23, 2014 3:36 am

THE GUARDIAN – A failure by European leaders to embrace reform will result in “very bleak” prospects for Britain’s continued membership of the EU, Iain Duncan Smith said on Sunday as David Cameron prepared to launch a last-ditch attempt to block Jean-Claude Juncker from becoming the next European commission president.

In a sign of how Juncker’s appointment could strengthen the hand of Eurosceptic members of the cabinet, the work and pensions secretary said the strong support among other EU leaders for the former Luxembourg prime minster amounted to “flicking two fingers” at the electorate.

Duncan Smith told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Pienaar’s Politics: “If they give Jean-Claude Juncker a job this is like literally flicking two fingers at the rest of Europe and saying to all the people out there, ‘We know that you voted the way you did but you are wrong and we are just going to show you how wrong you are by carrying on as though nothing happened.’”

Duncan Smith warned of grave consequences if the appointment of Juncker were followed by a failure to embrace “drastic change and reform” in the EU. He said: “If they don’t do that then it does make the prospect for Britain being in Europe very bleak indeed.”

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