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Britain’s Future: You Decide

Britain’s Future: You Decide

BRITAIN’S FUTURE: YOU DECIDE – Britain’s future doesn’t look good.  As I write the news and topical articles on a daily basis the outlook is for prolonged austerity measures, ever deepening control from the European Union, increasing crime and finally allowing others to endlessly rape the benefits system simply because they refuse to work and feel entitled to the support from others.

As I scour the news from all the major sources and read people’s comments it is apparent that many taxpaying citizens are asking themselves on a frequent bases; ‘why do I bother working?’

More and more people now are dreading the future and wondering what Britain will be like in another 20 or 30 years time; many are wondering if indeed there will be a Britain; for the scenarios consist of either the European Union taking over completely or that it ends up bankrupt and consigned to the history books as a country once noble, proud and great but was destroyed through the lack of democracy and a society bathed in entitlement of being cared for by the Government from the cradle to the grave.

Today yet more news of people fleecing the benefits system comes to the public’s attention; this time in the shape of a Raymond Hull, 58, a father of no less than 22 children all of whom have been supported by those who work whilst he refuses to do so. Read full story … Daily Mail

Of course it’s not just the fact that Mr. Hull doesn’t work that makes it difficult for the taxpayer, because he’s also a drug dealer and recently appeared in front of a judge for his crimes.

The result is as you would expect in this increasingly lawless society in that Mr. Hull pleaded that he needed to care for his children and therefore the judge handed down a 12 months suspended sentence that has allowed him to walk away scott free and to continue fleecing the taxpayer.

Mr. Hull is far from being an exceptional case for simply scanning the news each day provides unequivocal proof that there are tens of thousands just like him and each and every one of them will happily take, take, take without a glancing thought to those who work and pay taxes in order to keep them.

So where is all this leading?  What will Britain’s future be in say just 5 years time?  The outlook, regardless of which angle you look at it from, is grim and full of despair.

Your vote in the next General Election is likely to be nothing more than voting in the next set of fools who will take their orders directly from Brussels; in other words the Government nor the people will have any control over Britain’s affairs.

Some economic experts have even suggested that none of this will really matter for within a few short years its likely Britain will go bust due to the national debt growing at an uncontrollable rate; mostly due to the burgeoning welfare system.

Many eurosceptics are now voicing their concerns over whether the British public will ever be given the democratic right to vote on Britain’s continuing EU membership; these people fear that our persistent involvement in the EU will set a course for a complete financial meltdown as the EU unrelentingly pushes up the demands of taxpayer’s cash, currently £45 million a day according to UKIP.

I’ve often heard that the British are an extremely tolerant society; in my view that may have been the case 20 years ago but today I would venture to say that the British public has now become so despondent about Britain’s future that they have almost given up caring what happens to this once great nation.

It can be turned around but this will depend on whether the public is permitted to have a say on our involvement in the EU and whether we can step back and start refusing people free cash simply because they choose not to work.

How much time Britain has left is yet unclear; some experts say Britain will collapse within 5 years, some put it as much as 10 years but whatever the figure it is inevitable that it will collapse if the British people refuse to stop the rot.

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