Britain’s Holy Turf War: Muslim and Christian Patrols

by Editor | April 27, 2014 7:38 am

BRITAIN’S HOLY TURF WAR: MUSLIM AND CHRISTIAN PATROLS – Multicultural Britain for many is seen as an insidious plan by the Government in order to force those with deeply opposing cultural and religious views to reside with one another in what is often seen as some type of social experiment to see how far the envelope can be pushed until violence erupts.

Are we merely the Guinea Pigs of the last Labour Government which wanted an open door policy so that it could prove a point, in that it is possible to have such opposing ideologies to live side by side without killing one another?

It’s unquestionable that multicultural Britain isn’t working; we’ve seen the divide but the divide clearly only exists in some quarters of society.

I know all too well the pressures, for I’m married to an Asian and a number of my closest friends are indeed Muslims.

I’m an atheist and as such refuse to follow any ideology of a higher power that is now so readily used as an instrument of violence but this doesn’t conflict with my wife’s religious beliefs or that of my friends because I adhere to the principles of democracy, in that providing it doesn’t promote violence then everyone has the right to choose their own path.

Unfortunately we are now witnessing an ever increasing division, for democracy is being put aside for political and religious gain; this is not a one sided affair in respect to Muslim fanatics for we’ve seen a rise in the number of British nationals taking too far-right political ideology in order to fight against the rise of Islam and their drive to turn Britain into an Islamic state whereby Sharia Law is used to govern its citizens.

Walk down most streets in London or indeed anywhere in the UK, and it might not be immediately apparent that there is a war raging; on one side the Islamic extremists and on the other the hard-right nationalist, but it is growing and growing at an alarming rate.

Is this really a plot by Government to test the tolerance levels of British society?  From the far-right perspective that’s exactly what’s being perpetrated and they feel it is their duty to protect Britain from the onslaught of Islamic fundamentalism for the Government refuse to tackle a problem that they created due to religious and cultural sensitivity.

In the eyes of the far-right they are wholly condemned by those in power as being racists and bigots and in their defence will state they are merely protecting the rights of every British citizen where the Government refuses to do so.

It really doesn’t matter if it’s members of the far-right approaching Muslims on the street telling them to conform to British culture and religion or a Muslim patrol approaching non-Muslims telling them that the area they are now in is under Sharia law, for neither has any validity under law or a socially responsible society.

Watching the video above, produced by Vice News, it is wholly evident that the hatred runs deep on both sides and that like a cancer it is spreading and unless these religious and cultural differences can be addressed it will eventually result in a growing number of violent confrontations until it escalates into all out civil war.

Over the last couple of years we at have certainly covered some controversial issues; we too have been labelled racists and bigots but in our view this comes from a section of society who refuses to acknowledge the failings of a multicultural society or rather certain elements that is now clearly segregating communities up and down the country not out of cultural or religious ideology but rather fear.

The far-right groups, such as the English Defense League (EDL) and the British National Party (BNP) argue that there would be no such entities in Britain if the Government took action to remove those seeking to change the face, cultural and religious heritage of Britain.

In their view the passive measures have been tried and test and found wanting for any type of resolution; they continue to argue that the rise of Muslim patrols seeking to enforce Sharia Law is not being addressed for the police and authorities have been shackled by political correctness.

Those that oppose the far-right ideology continue to insist that they are simply seeking out trouble where no real trouble exists and by blanket targeting all Muslims it further drives a wedge through society that ultimately creates deeper divisions and therefore effectively creates greater segregation.

Maybe it’s time the Government clamped down on this type of behaviour by targeting both groups. If such a concerted effort was made equally then neither side could use religious or cultural ideology as a weapons to prevent legal action being taken.

In the meantime this issue will continue to grow, it will continue to be perpetrated and it will, left unchallenged, change the face of Britain forever.

Certainly in our view the existence of either such groups will never result in a peaceful society nor will they bring about open dialogue that may work towards a multicultural cohesive society.

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