Britain Needs to Close Its Borders Now

BRITAIN NEEDS TO CLOSE ITS BORDERS NOW - The clock has been ticking for a long time as Britain is forced to take more and more European immigrants from the poor Eastern blocks, namely Bulgaria and Romania.

Britain Needs to Close Its Borders Now - On January 1st 2014 the new 'Freedom of Movement' comes into effect which will allow up to 29m Immigrants take up residence in the UK.

Since 2004, when the European Union forced the United Kingdom in opening up its border to all European countries it has amassed an additional population of nearly 1.2 million people, most of which happily live on the benefits system.

On top of the burden of supporting these people, crime levels, especially among Eastern Europeans has soared and this is about to get worse.

On the 1st January 1, 2014 the new ‘Freedom of Movement’ will come into effect which means that up to 29 million Eastern Europeans will be free to walk into the United Kingdom and claim benefits.  Considering the living conditions in many parts of Eastern Europe is it any wonder why millions of Eastern Europeans are eagerly awaiting 2014, where they will finally be able to live a comfortable life and all at the expense of the Taxpayer.

Since allowing a proportion of Eastern Europeans to settle in the United Kingdom the police are already reporting that many engage in organised crime and that this trend is rising at an alarming rate.

Without measurable control the United Kingdom is about to be finally over run and there will be no place left for the hard working UK National to hide.  We are already seeing many British Citizens are opting to find a better quality of life somewhere abroad and away from the growing number of tax scroungers.

What I want know is who came up with this bright idea of allowing all these people into the United Kingdom?  More to the point which idiot signed it?  It’s simply pure common sense to realise the United Kingdom is a small country with an exploding population, due to the almost non-existent immigration laws, which simply lets people walk in, take up residence and then rape the taxpayers for all they are worth.

In a recent article I wrote how David Cameron is finally going to give the people of the United Kingdom a National Referendum on pulling out of Europe, which in my view is long overdue.

What the Prime Minister needs to do now is take a dose of reality medication and implement this referendum as quickly as possible, so that we can finally be free from the madness of the European Union and the likes of Angela Merkel.

The UK needs a completely different direction and with all the talk of how the UKIP is going to save the day I can only hope this is going to be the case.  I do not hold high hopes, as most people obtaining power buckle for some reason or another and generally it’s done with the remit of lining their own pockets.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, if I was Prime Minister I would not only hold a referendum on pulling out of Europe but a whole host of other pressing issues such as scrapping the Human Rights Act so that we can deport those who need deporting.

Furthermore I would hold a referendum on cutting benefits, or capping them to a maximum period of 18 months – if you are not willing to work and add to society then there should be no reason the honest hard-working taxpayer should support you.  The likes of Leanna Broderick would surely see the end of her living a luxury lifestyle without ever having worked.

There are also other pressing issues the United Kingdom needs to face but it is long overdue that we stand back and say “No More!”  We simply cannot afford to continue feeding the rest of the world while we starve, our pensioners are cold and hungry, our armed forces are fighting conflicts that shouldn’t be our concern and with substandard equipment.

Our schools need better standards and our health care system needs a complete overhaul.  All these things take money but while the taxpayer continues to pay out for people who simply want the good life without working for it then none of the problems can be addressed and amended.

It’s time the people of the United Kingdom stood up and said; “This is enough!”  Or will they simply leave until the only thing you have left is a country full of immigrants trashing the place?

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