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British Education System Under Review for Reform

British Education System Under Review for Reform

BRITISH EDUCATION SYSTEM UNDER REVIEW FOR REFORM – Despite a number of educational reforms over the last few years, most notably with schools being scrutinized regarding performance of pupils, the standards of education still appears to be falling.

David Cameron’s former No.10 Policy Chief Paul Kirby is now suggesting a radical shake up that might just provide our children with a far better education, keep children off the streets and better equip them for life in the work place; the idea… schooling from 9am to 6pm for 45 weeks of the year.

It has to be acknowledged that academies and free schools already have the ability to alter the amount of time pupils spend in the classroom and indeed set their own term times but few have implemented this ability and it’s unquestionable that any Government intervention to roll out such a scheme on mainstream schools would result in an almost certain backlash from the teachers unions.

Youth crime has been growing over the last few decades and the types of crimes committed are also taking on a much serious nature; much of this has be put down to children simply having too much free time on their hands and that maybe such a scheme would not only be beneficial to our children but society as a whole.

Mr. Kirby wants to introduce a mandatory 45 hour week and is convinced that it would transform the lives of most households in the UK within as little as 2 years.

There would also be other benefits to a 9 hour school day, for example it would significantly reduce the costs of childcare for parents as well as boosting education standards.

Sir Michael Wilshaw, the Chief Inspector of Schools, also came out to state that the current summer term break of six weeks was simply far too long.

Recent changes in the education of countries such as the United States shows a dramatic improvement to children’s abilities, less stress on teachers as more time is given for individual subjects that ultimately allow time for pupils to absorb information and provides much relief for working parents; they now know where their kids are and what they are doing whilst they are at work.

It’s almost a full gone conclusion that the teaching unions are not going to agree with any of this but I for one fail to see a downside.

Certainly our kids need more time to absorb information and it would keep them off the streets longer.  Certainly parents would have peace of mind and also experience a cost saving for childcare.

Reform or implementing a new idea is never easy to adopt at first but this is one area we should fully support because this will ultimately benefit our kids and there can be no drawback in such a move.

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