British Government Desperate to Deter More Immigrants

British Government Desperate to Deter More Immigrants

BRITISH GOVERNMENT DESPERATE TO DETER MORE IMMIGRANTS – The British Government has announced that it is drafting a number of plans in order to deter the onslaught of immigrant from coming to the UK.

Most of this is due to the pending ‘Right of Free Movement’ which could allow up to 30 million Bulgarian and Romanian nationals to enter the UK seeking a better standard of living; which the taxpayer will end up footing the bill for.

Believe it or not, one of the government geniuses has come up with the idea of an advertising campaign to inform the Romanians and Bulgarians that the UK wouldn’t be that suitable as it’s too cold and wet – even though parts of Bulgaria regularly hit -30C in the winter.  As you can see it’s nice to know that the UK is being run by people who really have a high level of intelligence and think things through.

Another idea is to restrict the level of state assistance; however this can’t work because the Government and the EU have tied up any such restrictive practices with the use of the Human Rights Act.

Other suggestions are time limits – that is any immigrant would be given 6 months to find work or be deported.  Sorry, while that might seem sensible, with the restrictions of state hand-outs, this won’t work either and for the same reasons as above.

With all the EU regulations being thrust upon the British Taxpayer is it any wonder why the UK is in such a mess?  Just think, if the UK Government had got its act together years ago we wouldn’t be facing the problems we have today with our welfare systems stretched to breaking point, our NHS in almost ruins and our streets might just be safe to walk.

Of course David Cameron has finally promised a Referendum on Europe but someone needs to tell him that by the time this happens the horse would have left the stable – in fact if the horse had any sense it would have also packed its bags and moved abroad.

All I can say is that unless the Government bring forward the Referendum, so that we can finally pull out and put an end to the endless interference from the EU, then the UK will soon collapse under the weight of immigrants.  The UK simply cannot continue to support other countries by either bailing them out financially or taking their citizens and allowing them to live off state hand-outs.

Just remember, when it does finally collapse, watch just how many of our politicians pack their bags and head for a sunnier climate and where life is lived at a more relaxed pace.  Yes, it’s alright for some, but for most of us we will be left holding the bag.

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