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British Prisons FULL of Polish Criminals

British Prisons FULL of Polish Criminals

BRITISH PRISONS FULL OF POLISH CRIMINALS – The British taxpayer is being forced to house some 900 Polish criminals in British prisons at cost of £35 million annually because Poland simply does not have enough prisons to accommodate them.

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Now if you’ve ever been shaking your head in disbelief as to why British judges continuously hand out suspended sentences, even when those convicted repeatedly commit crime, then this revelation will provide the answer.

Yes we can’t lock up our criminals because our prisons are full of Polish criminals and at £35 million a year the taxpayer is once again being financially raped by a Government that clearly doesn’t care about the soaring costs.

Why are we housing Polish criminals in the first place?

That is easy to answer … the last Labour Government thought it a good idea to help out Poland by providing jail cells for their criminals at the taxpayer’s expense whilst giving the Polish Government time to build new prisons; which they can’t afford to do, well not without financial help from Britain.

Why would the Government, Labour or other, provide such to a foreign Government? Again the answer is strikingly simple for this is yet more EU legislation Britain is compelled to adhere to; this time it’s under the so-called ‘Compulsory Prisoner Transfer Agreements’ (CPTA).

“With so much crime committed by British people who we can’t simply deport, sending foreign criminals home should be an easy decision. Instead, one in eight prisoners are foreign nationals.” Peter Cuthbertson, of the Centre for Crime Prevention

According to the original article David Cameron has personally pledged to increase the number of foreign criminals being sent back to their home country.

Indeed in a statement he said that if criminals are foreigners then they should be sent back to serve out their sentence in their own country.

Unfortunately this, like all other pledges made by Mr. Cameron, is another that will almost certainly collect dust on the mantelpiece whilst the austerity strapped taxpayer is forced to empty out their pockets.

So now you’re a little bit wiser as to why we can’t lock up our own home grown garden variety criminal… because our prisons are full of foreigners.

The whole ideology of the European Union is looking more like a farce every day and the sooner we get to pull out of the nonsense and incessant madness the sooner we can turn Britain around. It really is time we stopped asking Mr. Cameron for an EU Referendum and instead demanded one before it’s too late.

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