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British Public Likely to be DENIED EU Referendum in 2017

British Public Likely to be DENIED EU Referendum in 2017

BRITISH PUBLIC LIKELY TO BE DENIED EU REFERENDUM IN 2017 – MPs last night warned that David Cameron’s attempt to make an EU referendum a legal certainty in 2017 is lost as Liberal Democrats and Labour Peers in the House of Lords united to ensure than no such legislation can be created.

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Considering the current perception it is now highly unlikely that the public will be provided with an EU referendum in 2017 if ever.

Democracy, in essence is the ability for the public to elect a Government. Effectively it is one person, one vote to duly elect a Government through a ‘majority’ voice and one that will work efficiently towards the public’s and nation’s interests.

Modern day democracy could now be defined as one person, one vote in order to install the next dictator.

A pure democracy, something that has never actually existed, is one were the people hold the ultimate power through a majority consensus.  In plain terms a Government should at all times listen to the majority will of the general population and act in accordance with their demands.

When David Cameron announced that he would provide an EU referendum by 2017 on condition that he was re-elected in the 2015 General Election many people felt that this was little more than political blackmail; that is the public were being blackmailed into giving their support so that ultimately they could vote and possibly pull away from the despot dictatorship known as the European Union.

I for one certainly had my reservations and anyone with a modicum of common sense and understanding on how modern politics operates would have seen this train wreck coming a mile away.

So why don’t the politicians want the public to have an EU referendum?  There are three elements to this issue…

The first is that most politicians feel that the public do not fully understand the political implications of pulling out of the EU.  Some feel that the EU is Britain’s safety net in terms of a bailout once Britain goes bust.

Some also feel that Britain would suffer from the lack of trade and that British citizens wouldn’t be able to move freely throughout the European Union.

Basically politician think you are populace is dim witted, simple minded if you like with little or no grasp on the true political climate of the European Union and will circum to public sentiment instead of considering the hard facts.

The second issue is that of employment; no not your employment but theirs for all failed politicians end up in Brussels and continue to be rewarded with extortionate salaries and expense accounts that the British taxpayer is forced to pay.

Of course the politicians don’t want to pull out for the EU is ultimately their meal ticket.

Thirdly and finally being tied into the EU means a British politician doesn’t have to do too much in the way of work as they continue to hand over legislative powers to the EU.

This not only has the benefit of being able to do less for more but when things go wrong they can simply point the finger at Brussels stating that there is nothing they can  do about it for EU law overrides all forms of UK legislation.

You might be thinking that the three elements above is nothing more than a conspiracy theory but we have clear evidence to suggest that each and every element holds water to a certain degree and that it is unquestionable how the EU has now almost total control over the British public its system of Government.

You might not have realised yet but effectively those in the House of Lords have removed your right to democratically stay in or pull out of the EU.  It can now be firmly accepted that democracy in Britain has been taken over by plutocracy in that it is the corporations through lobbying who now control the fate of the UK and that we now live under a totalitarianism style of Government which effectively makes any vote in the up and coming 2015 General Election not only invalid but unquestionably null and void.

You might be considering that remaining in the EU might not be a bad thing; after all considering the first point of a bailout when Britain suffers the same destiny as Greece.

Yes it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’ for Britain now stands on a debt pile nearing £1.4 trillion but in reality when Britain goes bust there will be no bailout for Britain is one of the few countries, including France and Germany, who are keeping the EU afloat and by doing so Britain, France and Germany continue to add to their own growing national debt.

I for one will abstain yet again from voting in the next General Election for I fully realise that my vote will be abused, it will not provide any sustenance to the recovery of Britain and indeed will simply allow yet another dictator to continue denying me the ability to exercise my ‘democratic’ rights.

Is there a solution?  Yes but it’s one that the Government refuses to provide.  We live in an electronic age and therefore a system of democratic voting is more than achievable and all such decisions that affect the future of the nation should, and must under a democracy, be provided to the people.

Unfortunately this, as with democracy, is being denied and therefore effectively null and voids any vote in any form of election.

This recent revelation that those in those in power do not wish to relinquish such is testament that democracy is well and truly buried in order to fuel the greed and self gratification of the few who refuse to relinquish power where it should be… in the hands of the electorate.

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