British Soldiers to Get Government Assistance for Buying Homes

BRITISH SOLDIERS TO GET GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE FOR BUYING HOMES – The British Government has announced that it is to set up a fund of £200 million in order to provide interest free loans, up to the value of £25,000, for British Armed Forces personnel.

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The Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond, is expected today to unveil the scheme that will increase home ownership for our troops.

According to a recent study three out of four Army Officers own their own homes whilst just 36 per cent of the other ranks are home owners.

It could be argued, and most often is ineffectively, that our troops are severely underpaid – you won’t get any argument against that fact from me.

This scheme is designed to help military personnel get their feet on the property ladder and it is expected that repayment of the interest free loan will be spread over 10 years – in order to make the repayments manageable.

“Service personnel can struggle to enter the housing market as they move around throughout their career. By giving our troops this extra help they will be more able to set down roots and get on to the property ladder.” Mr. Philip Hammond, Defence Secretary

Over the last decade there has been a noticeable decline in the number of people joining the British Armed Forces.  This may come as no surprise considering that our troops are expected to work for almost nothing and in the course of their careers continuously putting their lives at risk for the sake of our liberty.

Military personnel are often seen by the mortgage companies as being ‘high-risk’ borrowers; this is mainly due to the elements of being low paid, frequent deployments and being put in harm’s way – yes it’s impossible to make money out of a dead person.

In my book you have to admire anyone who joins the Armed Forces. It is often a thankless task and yet these men and women are willing put place themselves at risk for the sake of our freedom.

In return for their sacrifice the Government, over the last decade, has significantly reduced spending on adequate equipment and pay – despite all this there are thousands who still feel that our lives are worth protecting.

Yesterday the EU despots again came knocking at the British Taxpayer’s door demanding, yes that’s demanding, we hand over another £450 million in order to stave off the European Parliaments bankruptcy.


EU Demands More Cash From Britain

I personally find this whole thing offensive and here’s why…

Firstly news breaks that the EU wants £450 million, which Mr. Cameron will most likely hand over, and then today we have the announcement of the new Married Couples tax breaks in which will cost £600 million.


Cameron Announces Greater Tax Breaks for Married Couples

The EU Parliament needs telling firmly to bugger off and as for throwing money at married couples whilst penalizing singles is quite frankly offensive.  Being married as with having children is a lifestyle choice and therefore should have no bearing on the taxpayer’s position.

£200 million is nothing short of a slap in the face… think about it… would our troops require such assistance if they were awarded a decent salary?  How about making our politicians work on minimum wage and see how they cope with all the austerity measures.

It would be nice to see a change in the law whereby all politicians are required to undertake one year military service on military service pay – all that are restricted to the lowest rank.

I wonder how many politicians would be so flippant if they had to face the Taliban on a daily basis or be subjected to watching their friends and colleague being killed – and all for a pay packet that doesn’t allow them to afford a mortgage.

It’s time the Government stood back and asked why such a fund is necessary and then maybe reality would strike home and result in providing our troops with a decent salary and pension.

Of course it would be nice if our troops were also properly equipped so that they might in fact be able to survive their service and enjoy life after serving with such dedication.

To our troops… at we would like to say thank you. Yes a simple thank you can go a long way but we know it’s not enough.  You give so much and yet get so little in return and this is one publication that will always stand in your corner in the hope that one day the British public will vote in a Government that will appreciate your value and above all your sacrifice for our nation.

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