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British Too Ignorant to be Allowed an EU Referendum

British Too Ignorant to be Allowed an EU Referendum

BRITISH TOO IGNORANT TO BE ALLOWED AN EU REFERENDUM – Nobody likes to be admonished especially an entire nation and nothing could be more offensive than when someone suggests that an entire nation shouldn’t be allowed a vote due to their ignorance.

Of course no politician, especially the liberalised deities in the EU Parliament, would dream of engaging in such a comment for it is not only politically incorrect due to its offensive nature but also highly counter-productive in getting nations to work together.

That statement is without doubt pure fantasy for whilst we may not like the truth, or a particular person’s version of it, certain things need to be said and it’s not unusual to witness UKIP leader Nigel Farage admonish a number of EU Parliamentary officials.

Some time ago Nigel Farage was vilified for referring to Herman Van Rompuy, the EU President, to having the appearance of a low grade bank clerk who was as useful as an old rag and who nobody in Britain had ever heard of; the point being that the EU was electing its own set of highly paid dictators with no clue as to the sentiment of other EU member state citizens.

The debate in the EU Parliament now is whether the citizens of Britain really have the intelligence to vote in an in/out EU referendum.

According to the Vice-President of European Commission, Viviane Reding the British are simply too ignorant to make such a decision and therefore a referendum on Europe should be denied.

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During her speech to delegates and the press in London, Ms. Reding stated that the British simply do not have a clue or the facts about the EU; it is according to Ms. Reding the very reason that Brussels now creates 70% of all UK laws – yes she’s suggesting we’re basically too thick to Govern ourselves and that Britain should be fully controlled by Brussels.

Well that was a train wreck many might of not seen coming but for those citizens with their eyes wide open and who indeed pay attention to the EU’s totalitarian intentions it will come as little or no surprise.

On top of that Ms. Reding also waded into David Cameron and his ability to curb immigration; it is in Ms. Reding’s view incompatible with the Third Reich membership (sorry I meant Brussels) and nothing short of a ludicrous attempt to force change; change that cannot be effected without the say so of those in totalitarian control.

Ms. Reding went on to accuse British politicians and the media for grand slamming the issues, in other words inflating them into unrealistic proportions; such a misrepresentation would make the idea of a referendum unfair and inconsistent – according to Ms. Reding.

Ms. Reding asked whether the British people actually had a clue what they are asking to vote about.

Is Ms. Reding correct in her assumption that the British in fact don’t know what they really want?

The issue here is one of informed opinion and certainly there are many versions of the EU that can be discussed such as Brussels slowly but surely claiming totalitarian power over all EU member states by driving them into poverty; we’ve see this with Greece and a number of other EU member states.

On the other side of the coin we do have the right of free movement but that’s fine providing such movement is for the economic good of a member state.  What member states need is the movement of workers not freeloaders and criminals.

Let’s assume for a moment that the British are indeed as thick as Ms. Reding thinks they are… if such a notion is true then surely our democratic right should be removed altogether and simply allow Brussels to appoint their own politicians in office to govern Britain – yes identical to the way EU commissioners are installed through a totalitarian dictatorship.

We really do need to explore the issues of Brussels and its control over Britain.  If Ms. Reding’s figures are accurate, regarding 70% of British laws being created by Brussels, then the last election was nothing short of a farce and would pay to reason why David Cameron it about as useful as teats on a bull.

The truth is startlingly obvious in that democracy continues to be denied as Brussels assumes more and more control and I’m beginning to wonder whether the 2015 General Election is not going to end up as a complete and utter waste of time for it is clear that whoever gets elected is going to be unable to effectively defy any of Brussels demands.

It is not surprising why UKIP is beginning to surge in the polls for the British people are waking up to the idea that regardless of what their policies might or might not be, one thing is for sure and that is they will pull out of the European Union.

It could be argued, and often is from opposing parties, that UKIP doesn’t have a clear manifesto but frankly at this point that is irrelevant for the current Coalition Government whilst had a manifesto has not only not stuck to it but was replaced with what Brussels dictates.

What’s the point of Britain having differing political parties if an erroneous foreign entity is permitted to hijack the system of government for its own ends and effectively then hold Britain and its people to ransom?

Someone pointed out the other day something rather poignant…

“Britain has a clear choice in the next General Election. If UKIP can muster sufficient seats to form a Government then they should vote UKIP for any other party will continue to hand over power to Brussels.

If UKIP doesn’t manage the seats required then the public should democratically abstain from voting for regardless of whom gets in they will succumb to the will of those in Brussels and at that point Britain becomes basically a non-entity or rather the EU’s whipping boy.”

The future of Britain under the control of the EU dictators doesn’t look too inviting and as we have clearly witnessed, David Cameron is powerless to stop the onslaught of EU legislation being imposed on the citizens of Britain.

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