Brits Are Getting Fatter Due to Eating Meals at Work

BRITS ARE GETTING FATTER DUE TO EATING MEALS AT WORK – Health officials have discovered that millions of us Brits are piling on the pounds as we eat more food at our desks, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Health officials have discovered that millions of us Brits are piling on the pounds as we eat more food at our desks, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Most of it, according to the studies, is due to British workers having to work longer hours to make ends meet.  That’s not surprising considering the levels of taxation in order to feed and house all those immigrants and those who like Heather Frost do not want to work.

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We all know that sitting at the desk for long periods of time is not healthy and yet most of us, including myself, find this unavoidable in order to get the work done and earn sufficient money to support ourselves.

There used to be a time when the working person could eat breakfast at home, take a leisurely lunch out of the office and then return home in the evening to eat a meal with the family, however sadly this is a bygone era.

Despite health organizations warning us and the government of the extremely high levels of stress caused by excessive workloads the regime continues unabated.

I’m not sure about my readers, but here’s my day.

05.30 – Get up, make coffee.  Couple of sips and it’s off to the shower.

06.00 – I’m at the desk (I work from home) with my coffee and toast.

13.00 – I make a sandwich, which I take back to my desk. I’m far too busy to take a break and sometimes the sandwich gets left half eaten.

19.00 – I cook a meal.  This is one of the few respites I get from my desk and allows me to stand and move about.

19.30 – I’m back at the desk monitoring while I eat.

22.30 – I finally finish my day and settle down to watch a movie, so I can mentally switch off from the work.

My working regime is pretty much the same 7 days a week, but that’s the sacrifice I make for being self-employed and working from home.  Yes, it’s not exactly the easy life that most perceive it to be.

Over the last year I have gained quite a few pounds around the middle and I certainly lack any real exercise.  The dangers, according to the Health professionals, are that many people are now taking up snacking in between meals and at the desk.  This is something that I avoid and it is not recommended.  Mind you it’s not recommended that I work the hours that I do, or millions of others do, just to make ends meet.Don't eat snacks at work otherwise you will gain weight.

Now before you all start thinking I’m laying this on a bit thick, there’s more to this than most people think.  For a start I am not a squillionaire, billionaire, or even a millionaire.  In fact last month Meebal turned over less than £100.00 (that’s one hundred pounds sterling) which was just enough to pay for the hosting of the website.

Many people, like myself, work extraordinarily long hours in order to keep ourselves afloat financially and make sure there is food on the table.  Luckily I have the support of family to help me while I develop and grow

There are, I appreciate, millions of hard working families who don’t have a choice but to work the hours they do, if they are going to survive. I for one would rather work for very little than to sponge off the taxpayer – shame we can’t say the same about more of the UK population.

If you are like me and you are piling on the pounds, do try to monitor carefully what you eat and certainly avoid all those snacks in between.

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