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Brother of Michael Adebolajo Blames British Foreign Policy for Murder of Lee Rigby

Brother of Michael Adebolajo Blames British Foreign Policy for Murder of Lee Rigby

BROTHER OF MICHAEL ADEBOLAJO BLAMES BRITISH FOREIGN POLICY FOR THE MURDER OF LEE RIGBY – Michael Adebolajo, one of the Islamic terrorists that murdered Lee Rigby in Woolwich this year, has a brother, Jeremiah Adebolajo who feels it’s obvious why Michael Adebolajo murdered Lee Rigby and blames it entirely on Britain’s foreign policy.

Jeremiah Adebolajo

Jeremiah Adebolajo

According to Jeremiah Adebolajo whilst British armed forces remain in Muslim countries, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, which is resulting in the deaths of Muslims then it is only right and acceptable that British armed forces personnel should become targets for Muslim terrorists; Jeremiah Adebolajo went on to say that it is only a matter of time before another Lee Rigby is killed.

The question here is, does Jeremiah Adebolajo have a point?  To a degree it has to be said that our intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan has fueled Islamic terrorism and when you look at the failings of the Iraq and Afghanistan war it is clear that nothing beneficial has ever been derived from the conflicts.

At we’ve often explored these issues and even openly stated that whenever a country is invaded there will always be the formation of militant groups that will fight back in order to expel what they see as little more than murderers and aggressors.

Just days ago David Cameron was in Afghanistan celebrating Christmas with our troops; it is to be the last of such visits for in 2014 the British Government will systematically withdraw all British troops from Afghanistan.

What was disturbing was the fact that Mr. Cameron had the audacity to declare the war in Afghanistan as a ‘Mission Accomplished’ and yet our article on the subject clearly shows that nothing tangible has ever been achieved by our presence in Afghanistan; the same could be easily said in reference to what is little more than an illegal incursion into Iraq, perpetrated by Tony Blair and George W. Bush.

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In our view, considering the evidence, Jeremiah Adebolajo does have a point; after all if Britain was invaded, it is unquestionable that a militant group would rise up in order to expel the aggressors.

Unfortunately, there’s something wrong with this picture and Jeremiah Adebolajo’s ideology. If we examine closely his views, then what he is saying is that the only reason any Muslim would want to reside in Britain is to enable them to fight back; that is engage in acts of terrorism until we yield and pull out of Muslim territory.

Of course we know that not every Muslim is a Jihadist any more than Britain is a nation of serial killers but surely there are a large number of Muslims prepared to engage in acts of terrorism and therefore we should take action; this shouldn’t include capture and imprisonment but rather execution.

Within the last hour we published an article on the ‘guilty’ verdict of Michael Adebolajo and how it now transpires that MI5 might have been culpable in Lee Rigby’s murder.  In the article we examined and gave our views on terrorism; we also gave our views on what changes Britain should make that would allow us to effectively tackle terrorism.

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What we didn’t cover in the article above is the views of Jeremiah Adebolajo and what measures could be taken to finally bring about peace.

We stated in the article above that peace can only be achieved by suppressing violence, and in this case terrorist related activities.

So what is the answer and how can we suppress the violence that Jeremiah Adebolajo talks of?

The answer lies in learning to allow other countries to get on with their own affairs; frankly their religious and cultural beliefs should be of no concern to us, regardless of whether we view these as barbaric or oppressive.

As with most issues, this is a double edged sword and therefore if we are willing to abstain from interfering in their affairs then they should be willing to live with them and refrain from any form of terrorist activity against us.

The likes of Jeremiah Adebolajo, Anjem Choudary and indeed any other Muslim that purports to be willing to martyr themselves for the cause of getting us to pull out of Muslim territory must have their rights to remain in Britain stripped from them and then systematically deported.

As more news, on a daily basis, enlightens us to the atrocities of Islam and the Jihad movement are we really safe and are we simply allowing Islamic Terrorist to openly admonish our way of life and allow them to systematically murder us?

Such an act will then, once we do pull out of Muslim territory, allow them to live in a manner more accustomed to their lifestyle, religious and cultural beliefs and finally allow us all to live in peace.

Tolerance is a two way street and we cannot and should not accept anyone living in Britain that either promotes, condones or indeed engages in terrorist activities and therefore we must change our liberalised laws in order to act effectively against such acts.

We now know conclusively that our intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan is never, despite the lies Mr. Cameron and his cohorts will tell you, going to produce tangible improvements because it’s not what they want – they appear happy to live under the regime of Islamic law and it’s religion and we must learn to respect that this, despite our views, is their way of life.

It’s time to make change, but change must come from both sides; that is if Britain pulls out and gives them back the lands they so desperately fight for, then they must accept that a one-way plane ride is also the right and just thing for Britain.

It’s time we stopped giving Muslim extremists a reason to engage in terror and it’s time we prevented them from being on our soil to carry out such acts; we simply need to agree to disagree and respect that our opposing views will never find middle ground but by living apart we will both find the peace that we both purport to be seeking.

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