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Bulgarian Fake Document Scam Helping Bulgarians Claim Benefits

Bulgarian Fake Document Scam Helping Bulgarians Claim Benefits

BULGARIAN FAKE DOCUMENT SCAM HELPING BULGARIANS CLAIM BENEFITS – Posing as a newly arrived Bulgarian immigrant to Britain an undercover Mail on Sunday reporter has exposed an agency run by a Bulgarian businessman that is offering Bulgarian nationals fake documentation that will allow them to claim benefits.

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The message is loud and clear to all Eastern Europeans; come to Britain for their systems of preventative measures are non-existent, their borders weak and their welfare system ripe for the picking.

Who, when living in squalor and abject poverty, wouldn’t want to escape such conditions and head for a place that simply takes no decisive action on preventing those entering with the remit of basically stealing from the taxpayer?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; we appreciate that there a people in the world that need and rightly deserve humanitarian aid but when a nation of people, such as those from Romania and Bulgaria, refuse to effect any form of change in their own country in order to bring about prosperity and therefore a better way of life, why should the British taxpayer be expected to welcome them with open arms knowing that many simply want to abuse the generosity and take advantage of our good intentions.

It would be easy to sit back and declare that those engaging in this despicable behaviour, which is simply tantamount to theft, are in the minority however, and most disturbingly, the Government fails to address the issue.

It almost appears, with on-going EU interference, that we have become powerless to put right the wrong; that is we can’t deport them due to human rights, we can imprison them due to the system already full and we appear unable, or rather inept, at stopping the open theft of public funds.

We are but a few day into the ‘right of free movement’ and already it is clear that some are fully planning to fleece the taxpayer for all they are worth.

The taxpayer already has mountainous problems of their own; they live strapped with austerity in a country that is effectively staring into the abyss of bankruptcy and yet this Government, as with the last, are nonchalant to the needs of the taxpayer… it’s as if they simply consider the taxpayer as nothing more than cash-cows to fuel their own incompetency.

The company involved is that of Premium Advice 4 U (PA4U) in Wood Green, London and the investigative reporter noted that much of the advice given was in fact legal and correct.

However, where a system is open to abuse and from a people that come from a highly corrupt nation, is it surprising that they will attempt to engage in corruptive practices?

The answer is clearly not for the reporter points out that the agency was more than willing to draw up bogus paperwork that would help provide evidence so that housing benefits could be claimed.

The writing is on the wall and the evidence is clear; Government could have taken measures many months ago to prevent this type of abuse.  Instead they continued to skirt the issues to primarily prevent the likes of Nick Clegg pointing the finger of racism and bigotry at anyone who attempted to ebb the influx of migrants intent on stealing from the taxpayer – evidently theft is far more acceptable than being labeled a racist or a bigot.

In the last month leading up to the right of free movement David Cameron announced a number of changes to the law to prevent migrants from entering Britain with the sole intent of claiming benefits.

However, he knew full well that any move was not only far too little, far too late but also illegal under yet more EU legislation that will ultimately land the British Government in court of which will result in the taxpayer having to pay fines; this of course will be in addition to funding what is now little more than legalised theft.

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