Business Leaders in Talks with Cabinet to Reduce EU Meddling

BUSINESS LEADERS IN TALKS WITH CABINET TO REDUCE EU MEDDLING – It is widely accepted that if you want to know the facts then you should go directly to the source; yes that all makes rather good sense but it’s not something this or indeed previous Governments could ever be accused of.

But is that about to all change?  Is David Cameron actually intending to find out what ails Britain’s businesses by actually listening to their grievances over the reams EU legislation and directives?

According to reports it’s true; the Cabinet has invited six business leaders today, from the likes of Marks and Spencer, to a meeting in order to discuss what items of legislation and directives created by the non-elected EU commissioners are causing issues for British business; and ultimately costing millions in lost business.

The first and most likely issue, will be the inexplicable amount of nonsense and the inflexible and unclear rules that are placed upon them.

It was only yesterday that reported on the ever growing reams of legislation that is stifling business growth; making it almost impossible for British businesses to trade with the U.S and Far East countries.


EU Continues its Plans to Legislate and Control Britain

This is of course a highly unusual move; after all incompetent Government is only such due to their refusal to listen to those who know what they are talking about – of course whether Ministers actually listen, take on board and in fact fully understand what is being said is an entirely different matter.

Current reports indicate that the businesses invited to the meeting have identified no less than thirty areas that are problematic, poorly written or outright burdensome – what can one expect from a Parliament that has churned out over 3,600 items of legislation and directives in just 3 years?

The real disabling effects are always felt at the bottom; that is large corporations can often fight and overcome the effects; however the small and medium-sized businesses, which are the back-bone of the economy, are often the ones to feel the brunt of such mass legislation.

It appears to some business leaders that whilst Britain remains an EU member state, U.S companies are able to get a product to market, within the EU, in just days whereas they are subjected to such intricate scrutiny in which such a task can take weeks or even months before a product licence is provided.

David Cameron has now promised to listen, digest and take their proposals to the EU summit next week in order to bring about a number of reforms.

Mr. Cameron is of course now desperate to reform our relationship with the Europe Union after Tory backbencher Adam Afriyie initiated a Common’s vote on an EU referendum for October 2014 – something Mr. Cameron vehemently opposes.


Voters DO Want an EU Referendum in 2014

Mr. Cameron is certainly now under the microscope and if he is unable to force the EU into a number of changes that will effectively allow Britain to claw back its powers to legislate then it is almost a certainty that the public will vote for a complete opt-out of the European Union when finally given a referendum.


EU President Barroso Tells Cameron Power Claw Back Will Fail

With the EU’s President, Mr. Barroso, recently announcing that the EU would not bow down to any requests that would allow Britain to claw back powers it would certainly appear that Mr. Cameron is flogging a dead horse.

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