Callous Thieves Steal Little Boys Halloween Pumpkin

CALLOUS THIEVES STEAL LITTLE BOYS HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN - The night before Halloween is known as mischief night and in many families harmless pranks are played on one another in the hopes of scaring a scream or two out of the frightened victim.   A few of the lighter pranks include standing behind a closet door and shouting “Boo” as someone walks into the room or walking around the house wailing like a ghost.

A ghastly prank played by older family members may be to lie under a bed and once good-nights are said, grab the feet of little ones as they are climbing into bed.  Better yet, wait until they are in bed and slowly reach up to pull their blankets or touch their arm.

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Good Morning America/courtesy Becky Reina

Teenagers seem to relish the night as the best for “TP” ing someone’s house or yard.  Usually the home of a cheerleader or one of the many school athletes is chosen and a group of teens will descend upon the property with rolls and rolls of toilet paper, that are then thrown high into the trees and wrapped around bushes, lampposts and cars.

Harmless fun.  Mischief.

Occasionally, the night is used for activities that rowdy young people consider fun; like egging a home, smashing mailboxes or stealing yard decorations.   Might as well call it what it is, plain and simple vandalism.  What makes it fun for the teens of course is the fact that they are out with their group of friends and have at most times been drinking or doing recreational drugs and feel like they can get away with something.

As they drive around, they hang out the car window with a bat and swat at mailboxes.  They may decide to egg the home where the school geek or even their principal lives.  Some will boldly walk up to a home and take the Halloween decorations, only to put them in the neighbor’s yard.

Sometimes they keep them; not so harmless mischief.  This is the true story of how one family has been affected by petty vandalism.

Becky Reina looked forward to celebrating Halloween with her children; two year old son Tommy and his three month old sister, Abby.  Like most families, they went shopping for the perfect pumpkin to carve, but came home with four because Tommy wanted everyone to have their own.

The pumpkins were carved and set out on the front stairs as part of their Halloween decorations and each morning Tommy would go outside and count them; one day there were only three.

Try explaining that to a two year old.

Reina did explain to Tommy that sometimes people take things that do not belong to them, that maybe the person who took the pumpkin really liked it and didn’t have one of their own; and that sometimes, people are mean.

Then Reina got mad and decided that whoever took her son’s pumpkin should know that they hurt an innocent child who cannot yet understand pranks.  She made a sign large enough to be seen from the sidewalk and together with Tommy, put it out the next morning.

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She posted a picture of it on her Facebook page and from there it went to Reddit and has since gone viral on social media, filling newspapers and has even gotten her an interview with Good Morning America.

At two years of age, Tommy has had to learn a hard lesson.  I only hope that whoever took his pumpkin would see the sign or hear about it and return the pumpkin.  Adding a bag of candy and a note of apology would be a nice touch.

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