Cameron Attempts to Quell Euro Mutiny

CAMERON ATTEMPTS TO QUELL EURO MUTINY – With no mention of a possible public referendum on an in/out of the EU in the Queen’s Speech many Tory Eurosceptics believed that Cameron had no intention of providing any such referendum.

Once again Cameron tries to deceive the public by offering an EU Referendum Bill that would force a referendum in 2017. This is yet another ploy to deceive the public in thinking that he will provide an in/out EU Referendum.

Long has been the idea that Cameron would provide an in/out referendum on Europe in 2017 but only on the condition that he wins a majority vote in the 2015 General Election.  This very move was seen as a clandestine way, even outright blackmail, to get voter support in the next General Election.

Considering the EU controls almost every aspect of our lives without any sign of control, and from a group of EU commissioners that are wholly un-elected, many now feel that the EU is turning into a communist dictatorship that is simply used to fuel the greed of others and provide cushy jobs for failed politicians in EU member states.


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Today David Cameron and William Hague are to provide the Tory Eurosceptics with a EU Referendum Bill which, if passed by the House of Commons and House of Lords, will legally force Government to provide an EU Referendum on a date legislated in the Bill.

Again, this Bill refers to an in/out EU Referendum in 2017 but many British citizens have been calling for a referendum before the Right of Free Movement in 2014 which will probably flood the UK with more Romanian and Bulgarian economic refugees.

Cameron is a staunch supporter of the EU, and why wouldn’t he be?  After all once the public remove him from office in 2015; that’s on the provision his own cabinet doesn’t oust him, Europe will be his future meal ticket alongside the likes of Lord Mandelson, Neil Kinnock and other incompetents that have gone before.


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The British public, at this point in time, sees no benefit in our membership with the EU.  There is not a day that goes by that it is not reported that once again the British Taxpayer is having to prop up yet another failed EU scheme that only appears to fill the pockets of the corrupt and unaccountable EU commissioners.

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We live in an electronic age and in a so-called democracy and therefore a Bill doesn’t need to be drafted in order to see if a bunch of incompetent fools in the House of Commons or the House of Lords want a referendum or not – this should simply NOT be their choice.

The choice must be, in a democratic society, the choice of the people and it is obvious for anyone to determine that the public wants an EU referendum and they want it now.

As Cameron said in his speech above, he is NOT going to provide a referendum tomorrow as he feels that Britain should negotiate with the EU for a better deal.


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Over the last few days a number of high ranking politicians and two Cabinet ministers have made their position clear in that Britain should pull out of the EU and if such a referendum were provided tomorrow they would vote that way.

The EU Referendum Bill is nothing but a sideshow; something to keep the public occupied and make it look like Cameron is taking the public and their views seriously.  The truth however is that this Bill is worthless as it will almost certainly be put forwards as a Private Member’s Bill which will then take far too much time to deliberate and fight off Liberal Democrat opposition; something Cameron knows full well.  This is nothing less than a game of ‘smoke and mirrors and once again the public is being deceived by a liar.

“I don’t think that is the choice the British public wants or the British public deserve. Everything I do in this area is guided by a very simple principle, which is, what is in the national interest of Britain.” David Cameron

Let me interpret that statement for you; just in case you misunderstood.

“I don’t think the public knows what they want, they are after all wholly uneducated to the ways of Government and the EU.  Everything I do is guided by my own self interests and those of my school chums and EU pals. Who cares about the national interest when there’s a cushy job waiting for me in the EU and with a platinum pension that will allow me to buy multiple million pound homes just like my friend Tony Blair?”

Hard to believe I was once a staunch supporter of the Conservative Party and yet I’ve never been able to stomach a liar nor suffer an incompetent fool.

While many people may still feel uncomfortable voting UKIP it could well be that this is the only party that could save the UK from being raped by the EU and finally taken over so that we no longer have any type of identity.


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There is a very interesting article on the Daily Mail Online regarding this subject which also contains a poll.  The poll asks the question: “Should David Cameron Bring Forward the EU Referendum?”  A staggering 83% of the British public, who have read the article and responded to the poll have said YES.

On this basis alone what right does David Cameron, or any other politician for that matter, to refuse the public under a democratic system?

My view is either provide a democratic referendum or get out of office.  Frankly the sooner David Cameron goes the better off we will be as he continues to lead a divided Government with no suitable action plan for recovery.

Do you want an EU Referendum? Would you vote to pull out of the EU? Have your say… leave your comments below. 

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