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Cameron Considers Asking Brussels for UK Flood Recovery Cash

Cameron Considers Asking Brussels for UK Flood Recovery Cash

CAMERON CONSIDERS ASKING BRUSSELS FOR UK FLOOD RECOVERY CASH – Despite David Cameron’s recent remarks that he won’t divert foreign aid and that ‘money is no object’ he has been discussing the possibility to applying to the European Union for cash in order to help deal with the flood crisis and eventual clean up.

According to the Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin this avenue, along with many others, has been tabled in order to raise the money required.

The reality is that Mr. Cameron lied yet again to the British public for he stated that Britain was a rich country and that the Government didn’t need to divert foreign aid in order to pay for the disaster.

Reading the Daily Mail today and we see that the number of people backing the Mail’s campaign to divert foreign aid has risen to 180,000 signatures.

I strongly suspect these numbers will continue to grow as the public finally grasp the truth that Mr. Cameron is lying for there is no money in the Treasury; considering Britain is being kept afloat by accumulated debt, now running at nearly £1.4 trillion, I suspect borrowing more cash is not realistically affordable.

Despite the fact that Britain really doesn’t need any more debt and that its economy is currently experiencing growth on the back of personal dept I and many others imagine that Mr. Cameron, like Oliver Twist, is going to have to go begging to his EU masters for a handout.

It’s a nice thought being part of the Union of member states for we can all help out each other in times of a national disaster.  Yes, in an ideal world and in an ideal European Union, that’s how it is supposed to work but unfortunately the EU is also broke.

During the back end of September 2013 the EU once again told Britain to cough up more cash to keep the EU afloat and so it could meet its legal financial obligations.


EU Continues to Spend, Spend, Spend

Again the reality is that Britain is likely to be standing on its own for Brussels is already drowning in debt and would have sunk long ago if it wasn’t for the British taxpayer being forced to prop up its growing debt; the reality is that the EU long ago became insolvent and it is Britain, along with France and Germany who manage to keep paying the interest on its dept to keep it from filing for bankruptcy.

If Mr. Cameron were to apply for EU aid then time is clearly running out for under EU rules a country has just 10 weeks from the first storm hitting for apply for financial help.

Mr. Cameron is however a little reluctant to go begging because he intends to highlight the waste in Brussels as part of his campaign to claw back powers – this is of course despite Brussels clearly telling Mr. Cameron that no such move would be possible.

Cheryl Gillian, the Tory former Cabinet minister pointed out that Britain did in fact receive £127 million from the EU following the flooding of 2008 and that the European Union Solidarity Fund was specifically set up to help countries clean up and restore infrastructure after a disaster.

Yes the facts are unquestionable, the EU did providing funding, but with the EU’s current debt levels it’s going to be contentious that it would provide the required funding.

Regardless of where the money comes from it remains clear at this point there isn’t any cash and whilst Mr. Cameron and the rest of his incompetent cabinet sit around in a warm, dry and cosy cabinet room discussing the issues nothing tangible to help the people suffering is being achieved.

It’s getting to the point where people are asking ‘who is David Cameron to refuse the British public’s demands and divert foreign aid?’

After all Mr. Cameron is a mere employee of the state supported by the taxpayer; in any other job he would have been summarily dismissed.

As this situation drags on I strongly suspect his chances of ever being re-elected next year are pure fantasy and it might just occur that the public call for a vote of ‘no confidence’ so that he is removed sooner.

Come on Mr. Cameron, open your eyes, show some compassion for your countrymen and divert the foreign aid.

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