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Cameron Declares Afghanistan as ‘Mission Accomplished’

Cameron Declares Afghanistan as ‘Mission Accomplished’

CAMERON DECLARES AFGHANISTAN AS ‘MISSION ACCOMPLISHED’ – British Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday declared Afghanistan as ‘Mission Accomplished’ and that the country will see stability once British troops pull out next year.

David Cameron in Afghanistan

Mr. Cameron’s statement reminds me of the time U.S President George W. Bush stood on the deck of the aircraft carriers U.S.S Abraham Lincoln in 2003 to boldly declare that the war against Iraq was a success… yes, 10 years later and there still appears no resolution in sight.

According to Mr. Cameron, Afghanistan should never again become a haven for terrorists and dismissed any notion that once troops pull out that the Taliban will once again return to their old ways.

I’ve often thought that Mr. Cameron was not only severely detached from any form of reality but also highly delusional; surely the fight against terror and narcotics production now cements these beliefs; for all you have to do is stand back and look at the facts.

The following is what has been achieved, although I doubt very much if any sane person could view such as an achievement; or as Mr. Cameron likes to put it … ‘Mission Accomplished’

446 – That is the total number of British troops who have been brought home in a coffin.  That’s 446 families who will never be able to hold their loved ones and watch them grow.

Of course whilst 446 families continue to grieve there is not one single politician who has lost a loved one; I doubt if any of their family members even know where Afghanistan is located on the world map, let alone know what it looks like.

I just hope that come Christmas Day when Mr. Cameron is celebrating in a way that only a multi-millionaire could without a care for austerity, that he considers those 446 families and Sergeant Alexander Blackman that languishes in prison for the crime of doing Mr. Cameron’s dirty work.

2,167 – That’s the total number of British troops who have been wounded in Mr. Cameron’s war on terror and drugs.

Many of these troops have been abandoned, that is they are not getting the care and support they need due to the MoD continuously cutting back on spending – well at least cutting back on spending on our troops.

Once again, I doubt Mr. Cameron this Christmas will even spare a thought for all those who have lost limbs and will now face a life of severe disability.

£24 billion – That’s the total cost to the taxpayer for fighting a war that can never be won, for a foreign power simply cannot enter another country and start dictating what the citizens may or may not do… it simply results in conflict and one that is often taken underground; we refer to this as terrorism.

Whilst Mr. Cameron will never feel the effects of austerity, he appears more than content in wasting vast sums of taxpayer’s money just to inflate his own ego – Margaret Thatcher he is not and never will be.

12 Years – That’s how long Britain has been interfering in Afghanistan.  Yes it is interference, for what British citizen would accept a foreign power to enter our shores and start dictating how we go about our daily lives.

In those 12 years, it is obvious that Afghanistan really hasn’t changed at all; there are still Taliban murdering Afghans and British Troops and the heroin trade has never been more productive.

6,000 – That’s the total number of tons of heroin that has been produced this year in Afghanistan; in fact it’s a record year as far as production is concerned.

We can only conclude that not only has our presence in Afghanistan been a total waste of time, effort, money and more importantly lives but it appears that the Taliban have become even more adept at producing narcotics.

16,725 – That’s the total number of Afghan civilians that have been killed during the conflict.  You must consider carefully that these are not considered enemy combatants but rather innocent men, women and children who simply wanted to get on with their lives, pretty much the same way any British citizen would.

According to Mr. Cameron our troops will be able to come home with their heads held high; yes certainly this is the case but I wonder what type of person could ever have the audacity to look the public in the eye and declare ‘Mission Accomplished’ when it has cost so much.

I can only conclude that Mr. Cameron is delusional, out of touch with reality and someone that couldn’t give a fig about the safety of Britain, let alone the thousands of troops that he has continuously put in harm’s way.

The only saving grace here is that within 18 months the public can finally exercise their democratic right and hopefully the numbers will be sufficient enough to put Mr. Cameron and Mr. Clegg on the back-burner and unable to conduct policy that puts lives at risk for what can only be viewed as little more than an ego trip.

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