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Cameron Declares British Press as the Linchpin of Democracy

Cameron Declares British Press as the Linchpin of Democracy

CAMERON DECLARES BRITISH PRESS AS THE LINCHPIN OF DEMOCRACY – Last night David Cameron praised the British Press and declared that whilst they make a politician’s life uncomfortable at times they remain the ‘linchpin of our democracy’.

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Since’s launch on to the World Wide Web in November 2012 we’ve been attacked by a number of journalists.

The admonishment comes in the form of ‘Yellow Journalism’; that being reporting that carries no real investigative reporting or articles that have few if indeed any facts.

Let’s just set the record straight… is NOT about journalism; it is about public opinion and the way people perceive the news, both in the UK and worldwide.

Under a democracy we all have the right of freedom of expression and therefore provides a forum if you will for people to express their views on any given news article.

It could be argued that most news websites have their own ‘comments’ sections but these are often moderated to the point whereby opinions are not always published, in part or in full.

We take the view that people can say whatever they like, not only within the comments section but also by submitting their opinions on the news.

We’ve also been accused by others of not publishing comments and this only occurs if the comment is considered spam; that is trying to promote questionable products instead of discussing the issues at hand.

Whilst we certainly applaud Mr. Cameron’s recent remarks and acknowledgment that free press is essential to democracy we have to ask why he still remains insistent upon forcing the British Press to adopt the Royal Press Charter that effectively has the power to suppress investigative journalism.

Suspicion remains high that the Royal Press Charter has been purely designed to relieve those holding Government office of any embarrassment when caught engaging in activities that are evidently not in the interest of the public.

The Royal Press Charter, along with other such Government plans, should only ever be implemented with the public’s majority consent; that is such decision should be open to a referendum and as we have argued before such a system, with modern technology, could easily be implemented and therefore produce a true system of democracy.

The press, regardless to what area they deal in, don’t always get it right; certainly we’ve made some almighty errors in judgment but that I’m afraid is the human condition and the public along with the politicians should accept this fact and be satisfied with a public apology and move on.

Yes the press must be accountable for errors, as with those employed in the public arena, but often a simple retraction should be good enough so that we may learn from our mistakes and move forward.

It is no secret that has often admonished Mr. Cameron but that’s our democratic right and as taxpayers he is ultimately accountable to the public and therefore in such a position he must accept the fact that everything he does is open to public scrutiny.

Of course you must give credit where credit is due and Mr. Cameron in this particular instance is perfectly correct in his statement that the British Press are widely acknowledged as being some of the best in the world and without them democracy would crumble.

The press remain the frontline of defence in assuring that anyone who threatens democracy can be quickly and thoroughly brought to book; without them the public’s voice would be silenced and at that point no democracy exists.

It could be argued, as we have done on a number of occasions that democracy in modern times extends only to members of the public being permitted to vote in the next dictator who then in turn takes their cue from the lobbyists and powerful corporations.

Whilst there is an element of truth in such a statement, we can be thankful that the press continues to investigate and uncover any wrong-doing for certainly no member of parliament is ever going to do the job of the press; most often than not when a corporation is brought to book there’s a crooked politician lurking in the background having their pockets stuffed full of cash.

All articles, no matter whether a professional journalist or a member of the public pens them, is confrontational to a degree; that is depending upon who reads it you will get a mixture of agreement and disagreement.

We must, at all costs, celebrate and support free press for without it the evidence of society is plainly clear; we’d end up like North Korea where the Government controls all forms of movement and activities and continues to perpetrate the most heinous crimes against their people in order to retain control and above all suppress any form of democracy.

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