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Cameron Fails to Answer Key Questions Asked by Andrew Marr

Cameron Fails to Answer Key Questions Asked by Andrew Marr

CAMERON FAILS TO ANSWER KEY QUESTIONS ASKED BY ANDREW MARR – It won’t go down in history as the worse interview a British Prime Minister has every had but it’s certainly far from the best.

Andrew Marr, a highly skilled and equally respected political interviewer, kicked off by tackling David Cameron over the number of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants that are expected to flock to Britain this year and indeed in years to come.

Right off the bat Mr. Cameron lied. He initially refused to answer the question as to whether he had statistical figures available stating that it wouldn’t be useful; of course the National Office of Statistics recently gave a comment stating that no one in Government asked it to compile such statistical information.

It didn’t take that long before it was evident that Mr. Cameron was getting a little irate over the persistence of the question.  The truth finally came out that Mr. Cameron, the leader of this country, did in fact not have a clue.

What was more than disturbing is the fact that he continuously enforced the ideas of the years of ‘transitional controls’ that allowed Britain to almost be able to see into the future; unfortunately with all the apparent foresight that Mr. Cameron talks about it’s a shame he could be bother to act upon it.

The next point was about the ever increasing amounts of taxpayer’s money leaving Britain in order to support immigrant workers families who don’t reside in the UK.

Currently the UK taxpayer is supporting 25,659 children in Poland alone; that is Polish immigrants working in Britain are able to claim for their children despite the fact they don’t live in the UK.

Andrew Marr and David Cameron Interview - January 2014

Polish people are not the only one’s but again the interview takes on a twist when Mr. Marr asks the pertinent question as to whether Mr. Cameron can change the law so that the taxpayer is not required to support these children.

Once again it is made clear that Britain, and indeed the Prime Minister, has no control over Britain’s affairs for he will have to go cap-in-hand and almost plead with other EU member states to enable a change.

Of course such needn’t be the case if Mr. Cameron was to provide what the British public is demanding; that being an in/out referendum so that we could finally pull out and claw back full control.

If you were not fully convinced that Mr. Cameron is completely delusional then the next section will put to rest any doubts.  Mr. Cameron now talks about the NHS and how proud we are of such an institution.  The stark reality is that the NHS has a cancer and the prognosis is dire to say the least.

For years the NHS has been over managed with over paid executives, senior and middle management.  In 2013 with the crisis worsened as we learned of the huge number of patient deaths at Mid-Staffordshire Hospital and how Mr. Cameron publicly defended and protected the job of long time friend Sir David Nicholson; in turn the British public were finally were given testament to the contempt he is prepared to show the British public.

Yet again the issue of foreigners abusing the NHS is tabled and once again the same old rhetoric is offered up as cake; unfortunately it’s stale and well past its sell-by-date for such measures of charging foreigners hasn’t worked in the past and won’t work in the future unless we tighten our border controls.

The interview lasts for approximately 30 minutes and within this timeframe a number of issues are covered.  Unfortunately the British public after watching the interview will no doubt be left more deflated than ever before because it is apparent that Mr. Cameron has no control over Britain’s affairs; instead he has merrily handed these over to Brussels and the British taxpayer will continue to pay the price.

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