Cameron Must Clamp Down on Benefits for Foreigners

CAMERON MUST CLAMP DOWN ON BENEFITS FOR FOREIGNER – According to the latest study, one in ten claiming unemployment benefits are from foreigners and a large proportion of these are from outside the European Union.

The statistics now reveal that 142,300 foreign nationals are claiming Jobseekers Allowance that is costing the taxpayer millions every week.

Unemployment Benefit for Foreigners

Poland currently tops the league with over 14,000 receiving generous handouts for doing absolutely nothing.

Other contenders for the top spot also include Pakistan and Somalia with a combined figure of over 15,000 unemployed; all receiving benefits.

Yesterday published a damning article in which the EU is insisting that Britain is breaking EU legislation over the use of the ‘habitual residency test’ which currently prevents foreigner’s access to state benefit.


Britain Makes a Stand Against the EU Over Benefit Tourists

Boris Johnson Implores David Cameron to Slash Benefits for EU Migrants

This latest round of clashes between Britain and the EU is nothing more than a struggle by the Government to assert its rights to govern Britain in a way that is right and just for the British people.

According to Government officials Britain’s welfare system has become a magnet for any freeloader or economic refugee and the consensus from the public is that this is little more than abuse of the country’s hospitality and generosity.

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Britain on the Verge of Bankruptcy

More figures have now been released by the Government in order to state its case to the EU and provide the British public with the startling realisation of the abuse the British welfare system suffers by EU interference.

Unemployment Figures where Foreigner are Claiming Job Seekers Allowance:

European Union: 35,000

Africa: 35,000

Asia / Middle East: 33,000

Americas: 6,500

Yesterday’s article centered on the Government figure that some 600,000 foreign nationals resided in Britain without working, however, this figure included wives, children and retirees.

Whilst the Government is embroiled in a row over the current abuse of the welfare system many feel that the Right of Free Movement, which will be imposed upon Britain in 2014, will only exasperate the situation and therefore the Government must take measures now to rein in the abuse.

The British public appears opposed, in some quarters, to reduce welfare and yet the entire welfare system is drowning Britain under a sea of debt.

Unless the British people wake up to the startling truth soon Britain will inevitably face a financial crisis from which it may well never recover from.

The public are now awaiting the outcome of Adam Afriyie’s move to force a Common’s vote on an EU referendum as early as October 2014; in which a recent polls suggested an almost certain call to pull out of the EU before they are allowed to destroy Britain’s economy.


Voters DO Want an EU Referendum in 2014

It appears the EU are opposing any measures to curb welfare abuse and indeed the EU President, Mr. Barroso recently announced that any attempt by Britain to renegotiate its position in Europe would be met with fierce opposition that is doomed to fail.


EU President Barroso Tells Cameron Power Claw Back Will Fail

If the British public are interested in staving off a financial meltdown then it’s time Britain waved a not so fond Bon Voyage to the EU and the non-elected despots that currently dictate to the British people what they are and are not permitted to do; all the while robbing them of their finances in order to stave off its own pending bankruptcy.

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