Cameron Refuses to Sack Sir David Nicholson Over NHS Scandal

CAMERON REFUSES TO SACK SIR DAVID NICHOLSON OVER NHS SCANDAL – In a recent poll a staggering 90% of all NHS staff have said that Sir David Nicholson should be sack from running the NHS after what is the most appalling patient care record in history.

The man responsible for the NHS is Sir David Nicholson who is now accused of residing over the most appalling hospital scandals, in the wake of the Stafford Hospital affair, where as many as 1,200 patients have lost their lives due to incompetence of hospital staff and administrator.

Regardless to the actual events and the fact that 90% of the NHS Staff calling for him to be sacked the Prime Minister, David Cameron, has stated that Sir David will not be sacked as, and I quote; “Doing a great job.”  Cameron has refused to make Sir David, as what he describes as a ‘scapegoat’ for the failings of the system – a system that Sir David implements and runs.

The NHS has so many problems, not including the fact that moral within the NHS is at an all time low and where the public feel that public healthcare is no longer a bastion of British Society but rather a failed system run by incompetent administrators.

Let’s be frank, the NHS is now run by far too many Chiefs who are creaming the expenses and with very few Indians.

In the wake of the Mid Staffordshire disaster, were a staggering 1,200 patients died needlessly is it any surprise that the NHS staff and British public have no confidence in the person running NHS.

Even by Sir David’s own admission he is ‘not ashamed’ over the failings of his post nor the senseless deaths of so many patients.

Even by Sir David’s own admission he is ‘not ashamed’ over the failings of his post nor the senseless deaths of so many patients.


Once again the British people are served up a fourth rate service by the government.  Notice that I did not use the words, second rate or even third rate, and to be honest I think describing the services of the NHS as fourth rate is being overly generous.

Considering how much money the average hard working taxpayer provides in National Insurance Contributions you would think that the NHS would be the envy of the free world and yet it is a disgrace.  It is no good blaming our doctors or nurses, who often work tirelessly to provide the best care they can. Yes, granted, there are always exceptions, but for the most part our doctors and nurses are some of the best in the world.

The system clearly fails with the Administrators and Chiefs and Sir David, if he had a single moral cell in his body, would step down from the post.  Of course, once again, we see the ‘Old Boys Network’ in full swing as the Prime Minister comes out to Sir David’s defence and refuses to sack him over what is tantamount to gross misconduct, leading to the deaths of thousands of people.

The situation, regarding David Cameron protecting his pals, is yet another slap in the face of the British public and somebody ought to tell David Cameron that Britain is a democracy and that the people have spoken en mass – time to sack your old school pal David and do as you are told by the British public.

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