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Cameron Says NO to Using Foreign Aid for UK Flood Victims

Cameron Says NO to Using Foreign Aid for UK Flood Victims

CAMERON SAYS NO TO USING FOREIGN AID FOR UK FLOOD VICTIMS – Over the last couple of weeks politicians, celebrities and the people have called upon David Cameron to divert foreign aid so that it could be used to help the flood victims in the UK.

Yesterday one of Britain’s largest online newspapers, the Daily Mail, set up an online petition to call for foreign aid to be diverted.

Today the Daily Mail has reported that over 100,000 people have signed the petition and yet despite overwhelming public sentiment David Cameron is refusing to divert foreign aid.

Within just hours the Daily Mail received a flood to people including celebrities, MPs and community leaders calling on David Cameron to do the right thing and yet his response was that he would find cash but none of it will come out of the foreign aid budget.

Judge a man not by the colour of his skin but by the content of his character; that was the mantra of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; I think we can safely say that David Cameron’s character has been fully assessed and he has been weighted and found desperately wanting.

It is of course fine for Mr. Cameron and all the other politicians for they are not affected by the floods; indeed most of them have two or three homes to choose from at the taxpayer’s expense.

The public’s only saving grace here is that come next year they will be able to adequately show Mr. Cameron their level of contempt that he has shown the British people in their hour of need by ensuring that he is removed from office.

Yes it’s a nice thought but in reality he’ll end up working out of Brussels at the expense of the taxpayer; that is of course unless UKIP could garner sufficient parliamentary seats in order to acquire a victory and then we could effectively wave a Bon Voyage to the despot dictators in the European Union as well.

Mr. Cameron’s stated that ‘things may get worse before they get better’ but I doubt under his stewardship that this will come as any comfort to those poor souls trapped in the floods.

Of course we can’t blame anyone for the atrocious weather but we can certainly blame those who sit, watch and do basically nothing; yes in Mr. Cameron’s view of propping up India’s Space Programme or providing Pakistan with an entire Air Force is far more important than helping those most at need in his own country.

Now we’ve looked at the figures and 100,000 signatures on any petition is not to be sniffed at; but in a recent survey on the subject a massive 73% of the British public think that the foreign aid budget should be diverted to the flood victims.

Democracy… yes once again Mr. Cameron appears to have conveniently forgotten about the concept of one person, one vote with the majority rule, for despite such mass public sentiment their democratic demands are being summarily ignored… where’s the democracy in ignoring the public vote?

Yes, again it appears that democracy is extended only as far as voting in the next dictator and as such Britain has become little more than a totalitarian state.

The recent public poll, carried out by ComRes for ITV not only produced an overwhelming 73% of the public in favour of diverting foreign aid but it also showed 44% of the public feeling that Mr. Cameron and the other incompetents in Government have also failed to adequately respond to the disaster.

Look back at the devastating effect of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and note just how quick Mr. Cameron was to respond to their needs.  Yes within mere days relief was being provided and yet right on his own doorstep he has failed miserably by doing nothing.

During an interview Mr. Cameron stated that he didn’t think the foreign aid budget needs to be diverted for; these were his exact words, ‘We are a wealthy country, we have a growing economy. If money is needed for clean-up, money will be made available.’

The only possible conclusion I can derive is that Mr. Cameron is a victim of substance abuse. To declare Britain as a wealthy country when it carries £1.4 trillion of debt or five times it’s GDP (nine times if you add future costs such as pensions) has to be the most outrageous and delusional statement I’ve heard from a politician in a long time.

Mr. Cameron also talks about our growing economy; yes it is growing but according to most economic experts the growth is being fuelled by credit and no economy can sustain growth on what is nothing more than a mountain of debt.


Personal Debt Soaring at Alarming Rate

There’s only one thing left for the British public to do and that’s to take the same stance as the TV show ‘The Apprentice’ and declare… Mr. Cameron you’re fired.

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