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Cameron Taunted Over Failure to Control EU Immigration

Cameron Taunted Over Failure to Control EU Immigration

CAMERON TAUNTED OVER FAILURE TO CONTROL IMMIGRATION – How can you aptly describe a pledge, promise or vow from the lips of David Cameron?  They are quite frankly like leaves falling from the tree, at the mercy of the wind.  In other words the public really don’t have the slightest idea where they will fall and indeed if any of them will produce any tangible results.

Yesterday Business Secretary Vince Cable mocked and taunted Mr. Cameron’s failure to control EU immigration by stating that the almost uncontrollable numbers flocking to Britain was a ‘good thing’.

The taunt was due to the latest results from the National Office of Statistics (ONS) which declared that 532,000 immigrants arrived in Britain in the year to September; a figure that showed a marked increase of the 497,000 in the previous year.

The number of people who left the UK totalled some 320,000 a surprising decrease from the 343,000 the year before.

The total number of Romanians and Bulgarians arriving trebled to 24,000 and all this came at a time when Mr. Cameron promised to reduce net immigration to less than 100,000 a year by 2015.

Yes it might be apt for Vince Cable to have a dig but the truth is that Mr. Cable last year clearly showed his level of expertise after selling off the Royal Mail that could have netted the Treasure between £1 and £2 billion in extra revenue; the expert opinion at the time was that Mr. Cable effectively sold the Royal Mail at a knockdown price – I wonder how many shares he and his friends managed to snap up from the deal.

The fact is that it’s unlikely you’ll find any of the MPs or Ministers with any real capabilities, it’s simply all hot air and rhetoric; something the public are now in line for even more of as we lead up to the next General Election.

The rise in immigration was certainly driven by people taking advantage of the EU edicts on the right of free movement but people should accept that immigration is in fact a ‘good thing’ as Mr. Cable pointed out.

With an aging population all hoping to receive a pension Britain must attract a larger number of young migrant workers.

The issues and the dangers with the EU right of free movement is that Britain is unable to effectively control who is permitted to enter.  Britain does run the risk of attracting more benefits scroungers from the Eastern Block compared to those who actually want to work and therefore help drive the economy forward.

Both sides of the House of Commons have declared that Mr. Cameron’s flagship policy, one of his key election promises, that being to significantly slash net immigration, is now in complete disarray and it’s almost certain that the figure of reducing net immigration to 100,000 by 2015 will not be met by the Government.

Mr. Cable may well have mocked the Prime Minister’s failure but truthfully as a Liberal Democrat he, along with all other liberal democrats, openly harbour the notion that flooding the UK with Europe’s poor and needy is a humanitarian issue and one that the UK should be at the forefront of tackling; even if that means bankrupting Britain in the process.

According to Mr. Cable net immigration is a good thing because people from all over Europe are coming and filling up the UK’s expanding job market and he further stated that nine out of every ten jobs is actually being taken up by a British national.

With public sector jobs now outstripping private sector jobs I doubt very much if the labour is expanding in the right direction. You have to consider that public sector workers are tax consumers, that is they are paid from the taxation paid by private sector workers.

As the gap continues to expand, as Mr. Cable like to put it, the Treasury is forced to borrow even more money in order to keep the burgeoning public sector workforce afloat.

We do need migrants and indeed lots of them but we also need an adequate system of control so that those entering are assured to be benefiting the system and not adding to its current problems of having to support people through the welfare system.

It is time that Mr. Cameron confronted Brussels and laid down new ground rule. We already know the EU’s position on amending legislation in favour of Britain clawing back powers and therefore control and as such it is imperative that the electorate is provided with an EU referendum if Brussels refuses to allow Britain to govern its own affairs.

I strongly suspect that David Cameron will have a retort to Vince Cable’s remarks and find a way to paint over yet another of his failings as Prime Minister but unless the public begin to insist upon tangible results then Britain will end up in the same predicament as Greece with Brussels then obtaining full and unequivocal control over all its affairs.

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