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Cameron to Miss Target on Migration Cuts

Cameron to Miss Target on Migration Cuts

CAMERON TO MISS TARGET ON MIGRATION CUTS – Liberal Democrat Business Secretary Vince Cable has attempted to embarrass David Cameron by stating that not only will Mr. Cameron not meet the target of net migration of 100,000 a year but attempting to do so is ‘impractical’.

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What can you say about the coalition; apart from it being an ill conceived bastard that nobody wants.  If the coalition were a child it would be subjected a life at the orphanage and shunned by society.

Mr. Cable’s views are certainly not going to help unify the coalition; in fact this is yet another wedge to divide the opposing political ideologies.

Tonight on BBC2, Mr. Cable will make an appearance in a documentary titled ‘The Truth About Immigration’ and will accuse Mr. Cameron of acting like Enoch Powell.

Before your racial and bigoted sensitivities go into overdrive you might want to read the following article in which we break down much of Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech in 1968…


Was Enoch Powell Right with His Rivers of Blood Speech?

No matter how immigration is addressed there will remain a proportion of the population and government, mainly the liberal left-wing, that will openly accuse anyone of attempting to curb immigration as a racist and bigoted measure; quite frankly so weak is the ‘liberal’ argument for immigration that the racism and bigotry card is the only one they can play and is designed solely to keep the masses from discussing, debating and indeed taking measure to prevent it.

Mr. Cable is of course correct; that is Mr. Cameron is not going to meet the targets and that’s primarily due to the conflicts within government.

A coalition between the Tories and the Liberal Democrats was never going to work; their ideologies and political views are simply not compatible and therefore this marriage is doomed to a very public and acrimonious divorce.

According to the BBC, a recent poll depicted that more than three quarters of the public want migrant numbers to be reduced and over half want the figure reduced significantly.

Despite the last Labour Government’s insistence on opening up the borders to immigrants, some 4 / 10 Labour voters now feel that immigration is a destructive element to British society; even the likes of Labour’s former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and former Home Secretary David Blunkett have now admitted that it was wrong to open Britain up to so many immigrants.

Net Immigration, that being the difference in the numbers leaving and arriving in Britain was in fact below 100,000 but that was in the early 1990s and before the Labour Party changed the laws in 1998 that effectively took the doors off the hinges to Britain’s borders.

It was clearly a mistake and one that has cost British society dearly on a wide range of issues; including the increased threat of terrorism, welfare fraud and a growing segregated community due to the vast divide of cultural and religious beliefs.

Since 2004 net immigration has consistently remained above 200,000 and reached a peak of over 250,000 by 2010.

According to Mr. Cameron, after coming to office in 2010, immigration was one area that he vowed to tackle and yet the most visible sign, that being the right of free movement, has never been addressed and many now fear that this single piece of EU legislation could well spell the downfall of Britain as we are forced to allow mass immigration on a scale never witnessed before.

Mr. Cameron continues to take the position that the Government is indeed addressing the issue stating that since the Home Secretary Theresa May was appointed, immigration has in fact fallen.

In 2012 the figure fell to 153,000 but then sharply rose again 12 months later to 182,000 and it remains unclear at this point what effect the right of free movement will have on net immigration in the next 12 months leading up to the General Election.

Mr. Cable accuses the Government of spreading ‘panic’ about the numbers of Romanians and Bulgarians entering the UK, however, it remains clear that the Liberal Democrats are more than happy to just turn their backs on the situation in the hope that it will find its natural equilibrium; such a move also prevents any backlash of others pointing the finger and labeling them racists.

Mr. Cameron did provide some retort which really does cover the issues in full from the Liberal Democrat position in that he feels that if the Liberal Democrats don’t want to listen to public opinion and help work towards a solution then they really ought to drop ‘Democrats’ as part of their name for there is nothing democratic about ignoring the majority opinion.

Despite Mr. Cameron’s insistence that he can re-negotiate Britain’s position in the EU and bring about significant changes that will ultimately allow Britain to protect its national interests, many eurospetics feel that such engagement will amount to nothing and that the only solution would be to finally pull out of the EU and reinstate strict controls at our borders.

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