Cameron U-Turn on EU Referendum

Cameron U-Turn on EU Referendum

CAMERON U-TURN ON EU REFERENDUM – It has been announced that both Germany and the United States have advised the Prime Minister, David Cameron, not to hold a EU Referendum on pulling out of Europe.

I have a few questions:

Question – Who employs David Cameron?

Answer – Oh, that would be the British People – the hard working taxpayer.

Question - Does Germany have any right to dictate to David Cameron and or the British people what the Prime Minister should and should not allow for the British people.

Answer – Tough one, but considering David is a jellyfish – that’s a creature without a spine, it would appear so.

Question –  What on earth has this go to do with the United States?

Answer –  Funny how many Americans are berating and calling for the deportation of Piers Morgan over his Gun Law views, and yet the Americans think it’s A OK to stick their snouts into our business.

So it looks like our illustrious Jellyfish has once again promised something to the British public and then welched on this promise.  In the original article, covering David’s announcement of a Referendum, I was more than a little dubious.  Considering the amount of lies David and the rest of his lackeys have  come out with since reaching power this really comes as no surprise.

Apparently, as this is just another lie, from what has now become a well seasoned liar, is that David will firstly try to renegotiate terms with Europe and then seek approval from the voters – after it’s a done and signed deal.

In other words folks David knows that the door to No.10 is open, he’ll just have to be careful it doesn’t hit him in the backside on his way out.  The next general election will see a new government and David is now feathering his nest in Europe, in exactly the same way as Tony Blair, to ensure that the wealth, after No.10 Downing Street, will continue to accumulate.

I really can’t take the lies anyone more and therefore here’s my offer to the British people.

Vote me in to No.10 and here’s what I pledge and will carry out on behalf of the British people.

1.  There won’t be jobs for anyone in the ‘Old Boys Network’.  The ministers will be made up of highly professional people from relevant sectors – it will mean paying them more but at least the job will get done and if they don’t I’ll sack them.

2.  I’ll give you a Referendum, not just on Europe, but also on other critical issues, such as Immigration, Healthcare, Education and more.  In other words if it affects your pocket – that is it comes out of your tax then you’ll have a say.

3.  I’ll put Europe and the United State firmly in their place.  Friends DO NOT dictate what a friend should do – end of.

4.  Foreign Aid – there won’t be any if you vote that way in a referendum.  I’ll use that money for our Healthcare system, Education, Armed Forces and more.

5.  I’ll pull our Armed Forces out of any conflict zone and politely tell the country to leave us alone and we’ll respond in kind.

6.  You name what else you want and I’ll put it to a referendum – that way the British people will finally have control over the UK and not a bunch of liars, thieves and murders.

Well there you have it in a nutshell – a plain, honest, short and sweet manifesto that cuts right to the heart of the issues and problems the United Kingdom has and which none of are addressed or resolved by our current government.

Just remember, whoever you vote in, it should be a government that works FOR the people not AGAINST the people.  Europe doesn’t want the UK pulling out of Europe because it knows that without our cash Germany and France would have to come up with a lot more to support a regime that is antiquated, broken and corrupt to the core – what British Prime Minister, in his or her right mind, would support such a scheme unless they know, as Tony Blair did, that once out of power the benefits are assured and extremely lucrative.

At this point, considering the amount of lies David Cameron has feed the people since coming to power, you would think he would have the common decency to step down in wake of all the failure.  The issue here of course is the words ‘Common Decency’ of which David and his government clearly lack.

“Britain risked being ‘isolated’ and said leaving the EU would weaken its position in the world.”  Gunther Krichbaum, the chairman of Germany’s European affairs committee, speaking on a visit to London, said

As for the statement above… Weaken the UK’s position in the world?  That’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.  It would in fact strengthen our position as we wouldn’t be wasting billions of pounds in Europe – we could pull our troops out of places like Iraq and Afghanistan and make peace.  Not only would this save billions it would also save the lives of our British Armed Service personnel.

So what exactly is David Cameron’s plan.  Well according to reports he is going to address the European Union and seek a looser agreement – that that is mainly based on Trade.  This in itself is not a bad thing, but will this ever come to pass?

According to the Prime Minister, who is against pulling out of Europe, did stay that he will give the people a ‘real choice’ in 2018 if he wins the next election – I appreciate people being optimistic but David at this point is being delusional  how on earth he expects to win another election with, or without the existing coalition is beyond me.

In my view the United Kingdom has always been short-changed from its dealing with Europe and if the United Kingdom is to move forward and thrive then we must have an agreement on Trade Only and leave the rest for those in Europe to sort out Europe.

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