Cameron Under Pressure to do Deal with UKIP

DAILY MAIL – No pacts or deals will be done with UKIP, David Cameron told his backbenchers yesterday.

Nigel Farage’s showing in Thursday’s local elections prompted three Tory MPs to repeat their call for the two parties to come to a national agreement under which candidates would not fight each other at next year’s general election.

‘We are the Conservative party. We don’t do pacts and deals. We are fighting all out for an all-out win at the next election.
‘I’m confident that in spite of the difficulties, this is a base from which we can go forward and win.’ David Cameron

With results showing scores of council seats falling to UKIP from Labour in the North and the Tories in the South, Mr Farage declared: ‘The UKIP fox is in the Westminster henhouse.’

He said the results showed UKIP was on course to top the poll in European Parliament election results and to seize its first seats at Westminster next year.

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  • meebal

    It will be interesting to see if Nigel Farage would consider a deal. He has already said that he wouldn’t entertain such an idea and we will no doubt see in the future if Mr. Farage is a man of his word or yet another cloned politician who cannot tell the truth or live by the word he gives.