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Cameron Urges Name Change from the Tory Party to the Workers Party

Cameron Urges Name Change from the Tory Party to the Workers Party

CAMERON URGES NAME CHANGE FROM THE TORY PARTY TO THE WORKERS PARTY – Obviously David Cameron hasn’t heard of the notion that a Leopard can’t change its spots despite being Eton educated.

According to reports Mr. Cameron thinks the Tory Party conjures up a public image of a bunch of out of Old Etonians… really?

Not a bad start to the year Mr. Cameron; yes you may have denied the flood victims any useful solutions but at least you’re in tune with public sentiment over how you and your ministers are viewed by the majority of the public.

STD; how about that for a name change? No, not Sexually Transmitted Disease, but rather Socialist Totalitarian Dictatorship… that wouldn’t work for that’s pretty much what we have now and yet the Workers’ Party simply conjures up images of Stalin, Lenin and oh yes the likes of Ed Miliband and his puppet master Len McCluskey under a rule of Marxism.

The question here is why would David Cameron seek a name change?  Could he really be thinking that a simple change in the name would effectively change the public’s opinion as to a party that refuses to provide the people with democracy?

The Tory Party Chairman Grant Shapps appeared with former Prime Minister Sir John Major and insisted that the Tories are not in power simply to defend the rich and privileged but rather to spread the wealth so that we are all better off.

Yes Mr. Shapps is going to attempt to lull the voting public that the Conservatives are in fact the Workers’ Party and that they are on our side.

The General Election is approaching and now is the time to once again spread as much rhetoric and lies as possible.  This is not a trait unique to the Tories for you’ll have the Liberal Democrats and Labour doing exactly the same thing… that is creating a fairy tale list (called a manifesto) in order to woo the public; only to tear it up once in power.

Mr. Cameron is fully aware that he’s alienated the middle-classes which are generally the core Tory voters; what Mr. Cameron wants is a manifesto that will reclaim the confidence of the blue-collar conservatives not seen since the days of Baroness Thatcher and her predecessor Sir John Major.

It was Sir John Major who campaigned for what he referred to as a ‘classless society’. It’s certainly an admirable trait but such a move, along with re-branding the Tory Party into the Workers’ Party will ultimately conjure up image of a socialist and communist regime.

You might be thinking we already have such a party, that being the Labour Party with Ed Miliband as the ring master whilst Len McCluskey retains the role as Circus owner.

Yes Ed Miliband is a multi-millionaire son of a Marxist, whose entire life has been spent in political jobs; he wouldn’t know an honest day’s work if his life depended on it and yet here is a Marxist who sincerely believes in a socialists / communist regime.

We can effectively dismiss Nick Clegg and his Liberal Democrat Party of any chance of seeing power after the next General Election; well that is unless we once again witness public indecision which then leads to a hung parliament and if that happens either Labour or the Conservatives will seek an alliance to create yet another unholy coalition – 5 more years of Nick Clegg vetoing every policy like a petulant schoolboy who can’t get his own way; not exactly the way forwards is it?

So what’s left?  Mr. Cameron refusing to tackle any of the real issues such as giving the public an EU referendum that they are calling for?  Or maybe his continuous refusal to divert foreign aid to help the UK flood victims instead of handing it out to Al Qaeda?


Foreign Aid Continues to Help Al Qaeda in Somalia

On the other side of the coin we have a rich Maxist who basically thinks we should go the same way as France and introduce a set of policies that will drive out the rich and eventually bankrupt Britain.

That notion might be appealing to many considering how small minded most people are in vilifying the rich but would that include removing Ed Miliband for he is one of the wealthy that the British seem so willing to despise?

Regardless of which party obtains power you’re vote will be effectively a waste of time for neither are prepared to reign in public spending and put an end to the vast cost of supporting the public sector.

Austerity is merely a word banded around by those wealthy individuals who currently hold power and those who are waiting for a chance to take up the reigns.

In a recent IpsosMori poll it revealed that 70 per cent of the voters thought Mr. Cameron was ‘out of touch’; it’s a figure that hasn’t been so high in the last 35 years and is a clear indication that the public are tired of listening to Mr. Cameron incessant rhetoric and who doesn’t have the slightest idea how the public are suffering under his austerity policies and furthermore his refusal to listen to the public.

You can judge public sentiment through the local and by-elections and with the results of the Wythenshawe and Sale East by-elections with the Tories coming in third behind UKIP it is clear that the public have had a belly full of Mr. Cameron.

Mr. Cameron is currently pinning his hopes on a party name change, it’s a blueprint if you will in order to convince the voter that they are a party that supports the hard-working people and has the policies in place that will ultimately benefit them.

In my view this so-called re-branding is just an exercise to see if the wolf can fit into a different style of sheep’s clothing.

If Mr. Cameron really wants to retain leadership then the solution is simple; reinstate democracy by giving the people an EU referendum, scrap foreign aid and use the money for the British people and finally tackle the public sector.

These three elements alone could not only satisfy public sentiment but could effectively be the catalyst that turns Britain around so that one day we will be able to call it ‘great’ once more.

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