Cameron Vows to End Legal Aid to Foreigners Challenging Benefit Claims

CAMERON VOWS TO END LEGAL AID TO FOREIGNERS CHALLENGING BENEFIT CLAIMS – In a move to reduce public spending within the Legal Aid system, David Cameron has vowed to ban all foreign immigrants from receiving legal aid in order to claim or challenge benefit payments.

British people would pull out of Europe if given a referendum today

The Prime Minister has ordered his minister to close the legal loopholes which are making a mockery of our legal aid and benefits system.

“Our message is very clear. We want immigration that will benefit Britain.  Limiting legal aid in cases involving housing, benefits and other civil claims will save millions from Britain’s £billion legal aid bill. I think the most important thing is to make sure that while you have free movement you are not a soft touch.”  David Cameron, British Prime Minister

Apparently these measures are to go a lot further and to include benefits, healthcare, housing and other areas of our social welfare system.

Has David Cameron finally seen the light and the massive failings of Government to the British people?

I am always extremely sceptical when a politician opens his or her mouth as it is often riddled with conjecture and outright lies.

Let’s us just look at a few of the facts.  For starter David Cameron, when seeking election, promised that he would ‘personally intervene’ in the immigration problems.  For many that meant he would tackle or indeed scrap the Borders Act 2007 set up by Tony Blair’s Government and is one of the underlying reasons we have such a huge immigration problem in the UK.

So what exactly had David Cameron done about his so-called ‘personal intervention’?  Well nothing to be precise which only enforces my belief his is a liar.


David Cameron Breaks His Promise to Deport Criminals

Read very carefully the statement above that David Cameron made.  Note how he said that, and I quote; “I think the most important thing is to make sure that while you have free movement you are not a soft touch.”

This statement is a clear indication that David Cameron is not going to do anything about neither the Borders Act 2007 nor any measures to curb immigration.  He obviously believes that the UK, as did Tony Blair, will benefit from the UK being overrun by immigrants, many of whom are known criminals and many of whom simply want to live on the lucrative benefits system the UK taxpayer pays for.I am still amazed how Tony Blair has never seen the inside of The Hague for his war crimes that not only murdered Iraqis but also send thousands of our troops to their death.

David Cameron has already tried to blackmail the public into re-electing him in 2015 with the promise of an EU Referendum. Not only will this be too late to stop the hordes of Romanians and Bulgarians infiltrating the UK, it is unlikely he would actually live up to this promise.

If David Cameron had once ounce of sincerity he would hold a Referendum on the EU this year, scrap the Borders Act 2007 and tear up the Human Rights Act 1998, because for all his ruffling of features in the pretence that he is with the British people, he knows full well that the EU, the Borders Act and the Human Rights Act will lay waste to any plans he or his Government may come up with while they are in effect.

Finally, note David Cameron’s recent trip to India – here he made a clear statement that he intended to remove any barriers for students wanting to study and then reside in the UK.

The people of the UK have been fed lie after lie and if the British people had any of the true British spirit left in them they would call for David Cameron to step down as Prime Minister and call a General Election.

I have never, in all my years, known the British people to allow themselves to be walked over and trodden down to such an extent and this just enforces my belief that the brainwashing of the Liberal way of thinking has finally worked and that the British people are simply brain dead and will believe anything that those in Government report.

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