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Cameron Vows to Stop Printing Welfare Forms in Foreign Languages

Cameron Vows to Stop Printing Welfare Forms in Foreign Languages

CAMERON VOWS TO STOP PRINTING WELFARE FORM IN FOREIGN LANGUAGES – Yesterday the Prime Minister planned to announce today that all benefits forms would be printed in English only in order to prevent those who cannot communicate effectively in English being able to make welfare claims.

The move is also designed radically slash Britain’s benefits bill.

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Apparently printing welfare forms in English text only doesn’t stop there for Mr. Cameron also declared that other costs would be removed such as providing foreign claimants using taxpayer-funded translators.

The only fly in the ointment… Nick Clegg.

Yes once again the Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrat party has stepped in to delay saving the taxpayer potentially billions of pounds a year because it doesn’t fit in with his liberal left-wing progressive ideologies.

Mr. Cameron’s idea was a simple one in that it would prevent foreigners flocking to Britain in order to seek a handout if they cannot effectively communicate.

Currently there are hordes of registered translators being used by the Government in order to help those who cannot communicate to have access to benefits.

Let’s talk figures…

Last year alone the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) spent £5 million on language services alone and a further £400,000 on translating documents.

Across Britain the benefits offices have to deal with more than 140 languages, ranging from Eastern European tongues such as Polish, Czech and Slovak to Asian languages including Urdu and Gujarati.

We have effectively allowed almost anyone to claim benefits and will produce all manner of documentation and translator services in order to help them achieve that goal.

It is also widely acknowledged that there are many foreigners now holding British passports who have been residing in Britain for decades and yet still cannot speak, read or write English.

“The vast majority of voters will think this idea is plain common sense. It is unreasonable to expect taxpayers to spend huge sums on translators when people should be learning to read and write English.” Tory insider

The statement above is of course correct and it’s unlikely you will find many taxpayer’s who would support a foreigner’s ability to continue having access to free money through a system that produces all manner of paraphernalia and services in order to help them do so.

From Mr. Cegg’s viewpoint these people are not coming here to scrounge off the benefits system but rather seeking paid employment.  That in itself may well be true for the majority but what Mr. Clegg fails to take on-board is the fact that speaking, reading and writing would be a huge asset in the British labour market.

Mr. Clegg’s attempt to block yet another measure to save the taxpayer money is likely to be met with the Liberal Democrats experiencing another sharp drop in the polls and his only real chance of seeing another term in office would be if either Labour or the Conservatives needed political backing in order to form a working Government.

What Britain desperately needs is the ability to remove the liberal democrats from any form of power; we have clearly seen that liberal left-wing progressive polices do not provide any tangible benefit for the hard working taxpayer.

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