Cameron Warns Backing UKIP Will Put Britain’s Revival in Grave Danger

by Editor | May 7, 2014 6:02 am

CAMERON WARNS BACKING UKIP WILL PUT BRITAIN’S REVIVAL IN GRAVE DANGER – Has our illustrious Prime Minister, David Cameron, changed tactics?

In Mr. Cameron’s recent attack on UKIP he didn’t attempt to wheel out Ken Clark or Baroness Warsi in order to once again label UKIP a party of loonies, fruitcakes or closet racists.

No, this time Mr. Cameron is warning the public that voting UKIP would put Britain’s ‘Great Revival’ in grave peril.

‘Great Revival’?  Who on earth came up with that one?  I’ve heard all sorts of Government rhetoric in my time but golly the Prime Minister is looking more like a circus clown every day although there’s nothing funny about his performance.

Where did Mr. Cameron get that line from… look if Mr. Cameron honestly thinks that a ‘Great Revival’ involved saddling Britain with a further £700 billion in debt or assisting the 9 million people in accumulating billion of pounds in personal debt then he’s completely lost the plot or he’s a victim of substance abuse.

The truth… well you’ll never get it from David Cameron so here it is… currently UKIP is taking a vast chunk out of Tory support; you may not like the fact that UKIP is gaining massive public support but you should at least acknowledge the reasons behind such a rise and this comes down to the simple fact that a growing proportion of the public wouldn’t trust David Cameron any further than they could throw him.

Mr. Cameron continuously talks of an economic recovery; yes it is growing but it’s being built on the back of personal and public debt and no economy can ever truly recover using such a model.

We’ve witnessed swathes of Tories abandoning the Tory Party and heading for UKIP because they too no longer want to be part of a political regime that is handing over Britain to the EU lock, stock and barrel.

The only truth to Mr. Cameron’s assertions is that if UKIP continues to rise it could cause a political split in which Labour would rise to power by default.

According to Mr. Cameron, if Labour came to power it would bankrupt Britain as it goes on a spending spree which inevitably requires more public borrowing.  This, according to Mr. Cameron, would be a revival of James Callaghan’s Labour Government in which it bankrupt Britain in 1976.

That is only part of the truth for the Labour Party leader, Ed Miliband, has already made it perfectly clear that not only will it not provide the public with a democratic vote on Britain’s EU membership and will continue handing over Britain’s sovereignty until an EU super state exists run by totalitarian dictators.

Clearly we have seen the damage Labour did in the 13 years it remained in power.  Tony Blair took us to war in what is seen as an illegal incursion upon a sovereign nation, we witnessed the removal of border controls and the introduction of the Human Rights Act that now makes it impossible, along with Britain’s involvement in the European Convention on Human Rights, to deport any criminal; in fact even denying entry to a known foreign criminal appears to break the rules on human rights.

David Cameron has had four years to date to address some of these issues and what has he done?  Well according to David Cameron his greatest achievement since coming to power was to increase the foreign aid budget.

Yes, Mr. Cameron is far more interested in appearing to be the ‘international statesman’ rather than taking care of the nation in which he was entrusted by the people… or was he?

The fact remains that if Nick Clegg and his Liberal Progressive Democrat Party hadn’t thrown support behind David Cameron he wouldn’t be in power; the truth therefore is that the public were totally undecided as to which political party should government his once great nation such is the lack of trust.

Today we have the rise of UKIP; good or bad there is now a growing segment of the population who feel that it’s time to try something completely different and there’s no arguing that Nigel Farage knows how to rally public support.

Nigel Farage once accused Herman Van Rompuy (aka rompy pompy) as a damp rag with all the persona of a low grade bank clerk; we won’t deny this to be a fact but the very same could be said for Mr. Cameron for he appears to have little substance, lacking any real plans, an inability to take direction from his employers (that’s you the taxpayer) and when it comes down to helping the people of Britain, truly lacks any integrity or moral fortitude.

The EU elections are now a full gone conclusion in that UKIP is almost certain to take it by storm leaving the Tories and Labour with very few seats and the Liberal Democrats effectively expelled.

The 2015 General Election is looming and David Cameron is running scared for he now knows that his continuous failings have left the taxpaying public completely and utterly distrustful of him and the Tory Party as a whole.

In the last YouGov poll it showed that a massive 42% of all those that voted Tory in the last General Election would now vote UKIP.

UKIP continues to claim that it is taking votes from both the Tories and Labour, however Labour continue to deny this as a fact, stating that Labour’s current support outstrips both Tory and UKIP by a comfortable margin.

Today the Daily Mail published an article on the issue and within it Lord Ashcroft gave his synopsis as to why the Tories will find it extremely difficult to turn around public perception before the next General Election.

In our view the public really don’t have much of a choice; we have already witnessed the increase in Government interference in public life and their refusal to take direction from the electorate; and this is not the trait of just the Tory Party but is equally directed at Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

Will UKIP be any different?  That is will UKIP listen to the taxpayer and once again reduce the size of Government so that Government is force to take direction from the public?

Currently this remains uncertain for UKIP have never been tested but maybe, just maybe, the public are now willing to allow UKIP to have its day and then see what, if anything, they can achieve.

Frankly, from the current offering of Tory, Labour and Liberal Democrat it is clear that they will not make a difference other than selling Britain out to the European Union.

Have your say… Would you support UKIP in the next General Election?  Do you think David Cameron has been misjudged and should be given another opportunity?

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