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Cameron’s Back to Work Scheme an Utter Failure

Cameron’s Back to Work Scheme an Utter Failure

CAMERON’S BACK TO WORK SCHEME AN UTTER FAILURE – August 1963 and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C and gave what was considered his most poignant speech…

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Read the passage again, fast forward to 2013, and then take a closer look at today’s society for the evident failure of the Government’s ‘Back to Work’ flagship scheme has now clearly defined the ‘content of the character’ of the British people.

Ye,s there well might be cultural and ethnic tensions which plague some quarters of our society but the ‘content of our character’ can now clearly be defined as ‘entitled’, ‘inept’ and outright ‘lazy’.

UK Government to restrict benefits to jobless immigrants.

£448 million; that’s the cost to date of the Back to Work scheme which has seen just 720 out of over 120,000 families going back to work and indeed earning their keep.

Mr. Cameron spared no expense in employing teams of experts in order to get children back into school and their parent’s lazy backsides into paid employment so that they could be valued members of society rather than the leeches that simply suck the lifeblood out of the veins of the hard working taxpayer.

It would be easy to admonish Mr. Cameron; yes we could call his idea futile and a gross waste of public money, but let’s not attack someone for at least trying to get the lazy back to work but clearly define those who are the problem.

It is clear that the opportunity was given but there are those who see Mr. Cameron’s scheme as nothing more than a step to remove their ‘entitlement’ to welfare.

The initial Government target was to get 20,000 parent’s back to work; certainly a tall order but to be frank any self-respecting parent wouldn’t want the stigma of being lazy and entitled being attached to them; however this perception seems to be misplaced for it appears thousands are quite happy to leech off others providing they don’t have to lift a finger.

The situation is in fact getting worse, for not only do the lazy now feel ‘entitled’ but they also take the attitude that ‘it’s not my fault’… oh boo hoo.

There are those of course who feel that the Back to Work Scheme was nothing more than Welfare Slavery and successfully challenged the move at the High Court in which a judge ruled that such a scheme was a breach in Human Rights legislation.


Judges rule back-to-work scheme is unlawful

Back to Work Scheme

Over the last few days has written a number of articles on the state of Britain covering different issues as to why Britain is no longer great and indeed why China has risen to the superpower it is today.

You can take the ‘Great’ firmly out of Britain for it is nothing more than a ghost of its former industrial and innovative past – the welfare state has turned the British into little less than dead-beats, social drop outs and yes leeches; you have been weighed, measured and found wanting with no real content of character and yet those who leech off the taxpayer continue to cry ‘it’s not my fault’ – yes the lack of responsibility and self respect is frankly deplorable.


Chinese State Media Ridicules Britain

Britain’s Personal Debt Reaches Record High

Black Friday Mayhem and Madness

Britain on the Verge of Bankruptcy

Britain now stands at the crossroads and the roads are clearly marked ‘Despair’, ‘Depravity’, ‘Indignation’ and ‘Prosperity’ – unfortunately most can’t read or understand what the signs truly mean and appear apathetic as to the route we should take.

We certainly have reached a point of no return in that we now have to make a clear choice as to the future of Britain; that is do we allow the culture of ‘entitlement’ to continue or do we cut off benefits and force people back to work – of course if they want to starve to death then that should be their prerogative.

It might all sound a little harsh but the truth is Britain is very close to the edge of bankruptcy and its downfall will have been created by the welfare culture.

It is time to simply scrap unemployment benefit, child benefit and other non-essential welfare systems and force people back into employment – if they don’t care about the taxpayer then the taxpayer should have no concern for them.

As Britain’s debt continues to mount we have the very real prospect of leaving a bankrupt country to our children and they will never be able to earn sufficient in order to redress the balance sheet – it really is as simple as that.

Point the finger at Mr. Cameron if you must for the failure of the scheme but frankly you are looking in the wrong place, for the only ones to blame here are those who were given an opportunity but deemed it unsatisfactory and against their rights to sit and do nothing at the taxpayers’ expense.

If you love Britain, if you still think there is hope, then it’s time you collectively petitioned the Government and declared no longer will you support those without any content to their character.

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