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Capping Child Benefit for the First Two Children

Capping Child Benefit for the First Two Children

CAPPING CHILD BENEFIT FOR THE FIRST TWO CHILDREN – Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith sparked another confrontation with the Liberal Democrat coalition after announcing that a child benefits cap should be introduced so parents can only claim benefits for the first two children.

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Such a move has been lauded as a ‘brilliant idea’ in that it would have the ability to cut a further £5 billion from the benefits bill that could be used to lower taxation for hard working families.

Not everyone thought the plan was such a brilliant idea and as usual it was Nick Clegg who climbed upon his lofty pedestal and announced any attempts to reduce child benefits would be seen as little more than a ‘Chinese style’ crackdown; yes Mr. Clegg considered the move similar to China’s one-child policy that was imposed by the Chinese Government in 1979.

What can you really say?  I decided that an open letter to Mr. Clegg might be the most appropriate thing to do….

Dear Mr. Clegg

I got up this morning, opened the curtains of my semi detached two bed suburbia home to discover that my rusty 9 year old Ford Fiesta was still sitting on the drive way.

Yes I know it’s depressing and no doubt you feel deeply for me.  Yes I did consider the latest statistics on inner-city crime and with this in mind I left the doors wide open and with the keys in the ignition.

I did think about leaving the engine running but I didn’t want any would-be car thief to run out of petrol halfway down the road and get nicked; after all in your liberal progressive society it would have been cruel and inhumane for he or she having to be arrested, dragged into court only to be given a suspended sentence.  Yes, the humiliation of such an act certainly doesn’t help with the rehabilitation for the habitual criminal so again I didn’t leave the engine running.

So there it is, old rusting and really making the entire street looking rather untidy; much to the annoyance of my neighbours.

I’m a bit jealous of the Jones’s right now for that chap has a brand new Toyota Camry sitting on his drive so what about you helping me out; that is, championing my cause so that the taxpayer can pay for the new BMW I so desperately crave for.

Yes, like having a child it would be completely unaffordable and the only way I could possibly pay for it would be to have your help in changing the benefits system so I can have one whilst forcing the taxpayer to cough up for it.

Yes, like having a child, it’s really a lifestyle choice but who cares in this liberal progressive society for according to you Britain is riding the crest of the liberalised waves in our utopia of a multicultural cohesive society where people must be supported by the taxpayer from the cradle to grave.

Considering all this I don’t think my rights should be ignored; after all if someone can have a dozen kids and expect me and other taxpayers to empty out our pockets to support them, then why should my lifestyle choice of owning a BMW and getting the taxpayer to pay for it be any different.

By now, if you have half a brain, you would have realised that I’m being a little facetious and that my notions of the taxpayer forking out for my lifestyle choice, of owning a BMW, is more than a little delusional.

On that note I could say the same for your views for you sincerely believe that people can breed until their hearts content and get others to support what is clearly their lifestyle choice.

I don’t agree with Mr. Duncan Smith.  No, I don’t think a child benefit cap should be applied to the first two children but rather we should scrap all forms of child benefit and save the taxpayer from having to support another person’s lifestyle choice.

Having children is a huge responsibility as you know; although you’re wealthy enough to afford staff to take care of yours whilst in real life it’s the actual parents who do the work.

I can’t afford to have children and therefore my partner and I take precautions for we both believe that the financial burden of having a child must remain with those who undertook such a lifestyle choice.

If you do disagree then it’s the BMW 325i Convertible in white please; feel free to chuck in the full options pack and leather seats at the expense of the taxpayer whilst you’re at it.

Cheers Nick

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